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Paying your self-employment taxes in Spain with your N26 Business account

Find out whether you can pay your self-employment taxes in Spain with N26, and what other features you might want to consider when looking for the right business account.

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As a freelancer in Spain, there are lots of things to keep in mind when choosing your main business account. Making sure your bank doesn’t charge any fees for opening or managing your account, withdrawing cash, sending or receiving international transfers, or for foreign transactions are all important factors to consider. Plus, if you’re self-employed, you’ll need a bank account that allows you to pay your taxes. 

Can I pay self-employment taxes with my N26 account?

N26 is not a collaborative entity of the Spanish social security system, so it’s not currently possible to pay social security taxes from your N26 account, including social security contributions for self-employed workers. You also can’t receive government benefits such as pensions, unemployment allowance, guaranteed minimum income payments, etc into your N26 account. However, you can pay most of the taxes from the Agencia Tributaria (such as VAT, personal income taxes, and many more) and receive certain kinds of tax refunds, such as those for overpaid personal income tax.

Why isn’t N26 a collaborative entity?

At N26, we want to offer a banking experience that simplifies people’s lives. We also believe in transparency, and so we want to share our perspective.

We are currently working toward becoming a collaborative entity of the Spanish social security system. Because this affects both freelancers and those who depend on public assistance, we are working with relevant authorities and organizations—the tax office, social security system, and private entities—to find a solution in the long term. There are several requirements that must be fulfilled in order to become affiliated with the public entities. These include having a Spanish IBAN—which we’ve had since April 2019—as well as collaborating with private organizations and using private software tools. These requirements make it difficult for some banks to offer the services that Spanish freelancers require. 

For our part, we’ve reached out to the Bank of Spain to discuss our situation, and the European Commission is also exploring the problem. However, opening an N26 Business account is still a good idea, especially with our many unique benefits for freelancers. 

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How does N26 work for freelancers?

Despite needing a separate account to pay your self-employment taxes, an N26 Business account is so advantageous that it makes having two bank accounts worthwhile. You can transfer funds into your N26 account to enjoy all the advantages we have to offer, plus receive cashback for all purchases made with your N26 Mastercard.

What does an N26 Business account offer?

No matter which N26 Business account you choose, each one guarantees a 100% mobile, paper-free experience with no hidden fees. Here are some of the main benefits.

  • Open an account in minutes—Once you’ve chosen the account that’s right for you, just grab your National Identification Document (DNI) or Foreigner Identification Number (NIE) to open an account online. All you need is your mobile phone and around 8 minutes. 
  • Get a free Mastercard debit card—The N26 Business Standard account comes with a virtual Mastercard debit card that you can use to pay online, in stores (through Google Pay or Apple Pay), and to make cash withdrawals from ATMs equipped with NFC technology. You can also request a physical card for a one-time delivery fee of €10. N26 Smart and You accounts come with a free physical card in your choice of five colors. N26 Metal includes a stainless-steel card, available in three different shades. 
  • Earn cashback—The more you spend, the more you earn. Not only do we not charge withdrawal or foreign transaction fees, we also give you 0.1% cashback on everything you buy with your card. With an N26 Business Metal account, you get 0.5% cashback.
  • Enjoy transparent money transfers—There are no transaction fees for sending or receiving SEPA credit transfers in euros, whether national or international. As for foreign currency transfers, N26 TransferWise is integrated directly into the N26 app so that you can send money in 38 different currencies using the real exchange rate.
  • Manage your budget—To save you time, money and effort, we’ve integrated several features to help you manage your day-to-day spending.
    • Our Statistics feature automatically categorizes your spending to give you a general overview of your finances, and help you control what your monthly budget goes towards.
    • Our premium accountsN26 Smart, N26 You and N26 Metaloffer sub-accounts called Spaces, making managing your money simple and straightforward. You can also create Rules to move your money automatically, or share up to 10 of your Spaces with up to 10 N26 customers to manage your money together.
  • Stay protected and secure—We send real-time push notifications to your phone after every transaction, so you always know what’s happening with your account. Your N26 Mastercard is also equipped with 3D Secure, keeping you protected with two-factor authentication when shopping online.
  • Get premium coverage with Allianz—Our N26 You and N26 Metal accounts include travel insurance—with pandemic coverage included—and day-to-day mobility coverage.
  • Benefit from exclusive perks—Each account grants you access to dedicated partner offers. For instance, N26 Business Metal covers your Amazon Prime membership fee for one year.

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With so many benefits, opening an N26 Business account is a great choice for any freelancer. Compare our N26 Business accounts now to discover which one suits you best.

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