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With N26, discover urban mobility with an exclusive 50% off your next rides with Lime*!


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N26 Series D Funding Announcement - 470 million dollars with Berlin tv tower

N26 is now one of the highest valued FinTechs globally

Our latest Series D funding round extends N26’s investment to $470 million. Here’s what this means, and what we plan to do with it.

US Launch - Blog Post Header

Our US Journey Begins Today

We’ve made it! N26 officially lands in the USA today—here’s why it’s such an important step for our bank.

Product & Services

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Product & Services

Our premium accounts now come with even more exclusive discounts and partner offers

Taking personalized, premium banking to the next level, N26 You and Metal now come with even more exclusive discounts and offers.

N26 You

N26 You: a bank account suited to your personality

Banking becomes personal with N26 You, a membership with travel insurance, a choice of card colors and more.

Technology & Security

Tech and security news and developments
How do you create a strong and secure password? - N26
Technology & Security

How do you create a strong and secure password?

Find out everything you need to know about choosing secure passwords and PINs.

Technology & Security

What’s social engineering? Here’s how to protect yourself from it and keep your account secure

It’s a common trick fraudsters can use to gain access to your personal info.


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Save money: everyday habits that can help you (and the planet)

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Your guide to moving to Madrid: everything you need to know

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Banking Basics

Your money and finances, explained
Foreign transaction fees and ATM withdrawals abroad can trigger extra bank charges – here’s everything you need to know.
Banking Basics

Foreign transaction fees abroad explained

How much are you paying for foreign transaction fees and ATM withdrawals when using your card abroad? Read this article to learn more.

N26 hidden fees header image
Banking Basics

13 hidden fees in banking to be aware of (2019)

This week, we’re taking a look at hidden bank fees – and specifically, how you can avoid them.