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Have you signed up to N26 Metal or Business Metal? Keep reading because you’ll love this—N26 now refunds your Amazon Prime membership charge.

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Pay your first month on DAZN with N26, and the second month is on us! Find out more right here.

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The latest updates on N26 products and accounts

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A reading progress bar, estimated reading time tags, and a whole lot more. The Website Product Team takes us behind the scenes of N26 Blog's recent facelift.

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Now with N26, you can easily top up your mobile phone and pay your taxes in Italy, directly from your smartphone. Here’s how it works.

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Technology & Security

Everything you should know about keeping you and your money safe


Exploring the subjects that matter most to you

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Over-complicated budgeting tools got you down? Try this simple 50 30 20 rule to organize your money and create a budget.

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Going freelance is a big career change and may leave you confused. Read answers to the most commonly asked questions about freelancing.

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Banking Basics

Your money and finances, explained

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Still paying your bills at the post office or a bank branch? Here’s how to pay your Italian postal payment slips online.

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Payment icons in the N26 app.

Here’s how to interact with Italian public administration entities whenever you need to pay taxes or stamp duties.

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Save money, make money, spend wisely, and live your best life

Saving for college or university? While it may seem like a daunting task, these essential tips will help you to organize and manage your finances better.

Saving for college isn’t easy. We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to help you along the way.

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It’s important to consider the cost of attendance when studying at university. From tuition fees to living costs, here’s everything you need to know.

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