A beach with a row of orange and green striped umbrellas.
LifestyleThe five best Sardinian beaches to visit in Italy this summer

5 amazing Sardinian beaches that will take your breath away.


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N26 x adidas—whatever your goal, we’ll keep you on trac.

N26 x adidas—whatever your goal, we’ll keep you on track

At N26, we want you to go further. That’s why we’ve partnered with adidas to bring you an offer on the sportswear brand’s apparel.

A view into an old city.

Money management made easy—getting back to normality with N26

As we gradually return to our old habits, N26’s money management features are here to help you do so with minimal fuss.


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N26 x Transferwise - foreign currency transfers without the fuss.

Transferwise—enjoy foreign currency transfers, without the fuss

Wherever your money needs to go, we’ll get it there—your in-app TransferWise feature now comes with even more currencies.

Business Metal card.

Introducing N26 Business Metal—the premium business account for entrepreneurs, with 0.5% cashback

Discover N26 Business Metal, a new generation business account that comes packed with benefits, and our statement metal card.

Technology & Security

Tech and security news and developments

Keyboard and lock as a metaphor of Security.
Technology & Security

Online scams: how to spot fraud and stay safe on the web

Make sure you stay safe online by learning all you need to know on avoiding online scams with this handy guide.

Stay safe while online shopping.
Technology & Security

Stay safe while online shopping—here’s how to protect your money and your data

Spending more time inside? Shop smart with these online shopping tips


Taking a closer look at the things that make your world go around.

Bicycle leaning in front of a shop in an Italian village.

Italy’s most beautiful villages: 5 places to discover

5 hidden gems in Italy to spend a dream holiday.

Girl wearing a backpack on a mountain path.

Mountain holidays in Italy: 5 destinations you can’t miss

A selection of 5 beautiful mountain resorts for your holidays in Italy. Take a look!

Banking Basics

Your money and finances, explained

Difference icons on blue background.
Banking Basics

The Big Banking Chat: is your bank doing all of this?

The best banks offer far more than just a way to spend, save and manage money—find out what else we have to offer

Person sitting on a chair using smartphone.
Banking Basics

The Big Banking Chat: here’s how N26 fits around you

Banking should fit around your life, not the other way around—this is how we do it.


Student Finance - save money, make money, control your money and party!

Saving for college or university? While it may seem like a daunting task, these essential tips will help you to organize and manage your finances better.

Saving for university: 10 tips to get you started today in 2019

Saving for college isn’t easy. We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Hole punch, slinky, and a notepad.

What is the cost of attendance at university in 2019?

It’s important to consider the cost of attendance when studying at university. From tuition fees to living costs, here’s everything you need to know.