Risk indicator for all N26 accounts.
This number is indicative of the risk of the product, 1/6 being indicative of lower risk and 6/6 of higher risk.
N26 is a member of the German Deposit Guarantee Fund. The fund guarantees deposits up to 100,000 euros per account holder and entity.

N26 Smart

The bank account for better money management

Spend and save with confidence with a bank account that adapts to your lifestyle. Discover a new way to budget directly from your smartphone—it’s easy and secure.
Image of a mobile phone showing a subaccount on the screen and a black debit card in the side with Forbes best bank logo.

A debit Mastercard, accepted worldwide

Choose your own style for your N26 debit Mastercard—Ocean, Sand, Rhubarb, Aqua or Slate. Enjoy 5 free ATM withdrawals per month, and make unlimited payments abroad with no fees, in any currency.
Discover your Mastercard
hand holding a N26 debit card with the words "Spend" and "Save" in the background.

Save up with Spaces sub-accounts

Find a better way to save money more efficiently with our iconic N26 Spaces sub-accounts. Get 10 additional Spaces to achieve your personal financial goals, or share them with up to 10 other N26 users to pool money together for common goals. Need to save money even faster? Activate *Round-up rules and round up your transactions automatically to the nearest euro, and transfer the difference to a Space.
Discover Spaces
image of two N26 subaccount showing the "main account" and "Back to college" spaces to budget money.

Grow your savings by 2.26% AER — only with N26

With N26 Instant Savings, your savings can earn you interest — and you can still dip into it whenever you need. Join N26 and start growing your savings:
  • 2.26% AER interest calculated daily, paid monthly
  • No minimum deposit
  • No conditions or fees
  • Instant access
  • Available with free and premium N26 bank accounts
Start saving now
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Master your spending with Insights

Ready for a simple and quick view of your finances? Meet N26 Insights, the intelligent feature in your N26 app that automatically categorizes your payments in real time. Instantly see if you’re spending more than usual on ‘Shopping,’ ‘Bars & Restaurants,’ ‘Groceries,’ and more—all it takes is a quick glance to stay on track with your monthly budget. Plus, with a clear overview of your upcoming regular payments, it’s never been easier to plan ahead and stay on top of your finances.
Learn about budgeting

Get the most out of your money

Access special partner offers thanks to N26 Perks. We offer you a wide range of selected discounts with brands like Mubi, Blinkist or Lime—these offers are constantly changing and evolving so you always have the opportunity to experience something new.
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Send and receive money instantly with Bizum

Bizum is now available in all N26 accounts so you can send, receive and request money immediately, only with the recipient's phone number. In addition, you can also make payments through Bizum in electronic stores that allow it (available from October 5th). Open your N26 account and enjoy all the advantages of a 100% online bank, now with Bizum included!

Find out what documents you need to open your N26 account

We aren’t huge fans of paperwork — or of making you waste your time looking for the information you need. To make it easier for you, we explain here in detail what identity documents you need to open your N26 bank account, depending on your nationality.
See list of documents
Hand holding an N26 rhubarb card and in the background the N26 app.

Easy, flexible and 100% mobile

Forget about stepping a foot in a bank branch ever again. N26 Smart offers you the possibility to manage your money easily and securely—anywhere in the world, and directly from your smartphone or the WebApp. No paperwork, no queueing.
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Keeping your account secure

3D Secure

Add an extra layer of security to your online purchases with Mastercard 3D Secure, the two-factor authentication technology.

Real-time notifications

Receive push notifications in your smartphone after all account activity, and stay always informed of every incoming and outgoing transaction.

Smart ID

Access your bank account faster and safer by using your fingerprint or face ID to log in.

Your funds are protected up to €100,000

We’re a fully licensed European bank, and your funds are always protected up to €100,000.

Customer Support via phone and chat

Do you have any issue or query? Our Customer Support is available for you, 7 days a week in multiple languages–Spanish, English, French, German and Italian. Feel free to visit our Support Center—full of answers to the most frequently asked questions—contact our specialists via the in-app chat, or call us directly on the premium customer phone line.
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TIN 0%, APR: -1.17% for a scenario in which a daily balance of €5,000 is maintained consistently for 1 year, applying an annual nominal interest rate of 0% and the monthly cost of the account of €4,90/month. The settlement of the account is made monthly. Everytime you make a transaction using your N26 card, we round it up to the next full-euro amount. For instance, if you spend €15.20 at a restaurant—and you activate Round-ups—we’ll automatically round this amount up to €16. The remaining €0.80 will be transferred to your selected space.


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