The latest news and information on all things N26

See why 2 million customers in France have joined N26.

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You’ve already got your bank right on your smartphone. Why not keep a personal trainer there, too?

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The latest updates on N26 products and accounts

Reebok outfit.

Time to refresh your gym wardrobe? Get 30% off your next purchase on Reebok sportswear with N26 Perks.

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Enjoy 2 free months of Lime Prime for a limited time.

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Technology & Security

Everything you should know about keeping you and your money safe

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Keep your sensitive information safe from SMS-based fraud.

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Voice phishing—aka vishing—is on the rise. Learn how to recognize these scams and protect yourself from fraud.

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Exploring the subjects that matter most to you

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Save big on flights to your next vacation with these helpful tips.

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Second hand clothes hanging on hangers.

Get all the tips you need for buying and selling second-hand in 2021, online or in-store!

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Banking Basics

Your money and finances, explained

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GIFs worth €600,000? A tweet worth millions? Let’s unpack whether NFTs are really worth your money.

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A person writing on a bloc notes.

Budgeting doesn’t have to be boring.

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Save money, make money, spend wisely, and live your best life

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It’s hard to organize travel when you’re on a tight budget. Our advice? Try carpooling! Less expensive than traditional modes of travel, it will save you money.

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