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This number is indicative of the risk of the product, being 1/6 indicative of lower risk and 6/6 of higher risk.

Entity attached to the German Deposit Guarantee Fund. The fund guarantees deposits on money up to 100,000 euros per owner of the European Union and entity.

N26 You

A debit card for everyday and travel

A premium account for your daily needs and travel abroad—without the hidden fees. Open your bank account, and get an N26 debit card in your choice of color. test!

An account that gives you more, packed with perks

N26 You is a premium bank account, designed to keep up with your lifestyle. You can set up direct debits, transfer money instantly, and pay with your mobile phone whenever you wish. Additionally, enjoy exclusive partner deals and offers, and mobility and travel insurance that covers you anywhere you decide to go.

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A Mastercard debit card to suit your lifestyle

Choose a color for your contactless debit card that fits in with you best: Aqua, Rhubarb, Sand, Ocean, or Slate.

Extensive travel benefits, including COVID-19 coverage

Going abroad for necessary trips? Prepare for the unexpected with N26 You. Your membership is packed with travel benefits that cover you worldwide, including epidemic and pandemic coverage* for claims related to COVID-19. Stay protected while on-the-go during uncertain times—we’ve got you covered.

*Available for trips started on or after January 22, 2021. Exclusions apply. Please find more information here.

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Emergency medical coverage

The N26 You policy provides cover for you, your spouse and children in case of a medical emergency while traveling, with access to 24/7 medical phone assistance. This includes dental insurance.

Luggage loss and delay insurance

If your luggage is held up or goes missing, claim compensation to make sure you never end up stranded without your essentials.

Flight delay compensation

You will receive financial compensation if your flight is delayed by more than 4 hours.

Trip curtailment or cancellation coverage

Don’t let bad luck ruin your trip. If you can’t make it to the airport, N26 You’s trip curtailment and cancellation insurance has you covered.

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Plan your savings with Spaces

Create up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts alongside your main account, helping you organize your finances and reach your savings goals. As a premium customer, you can even invite up to 10 other N26 users to join your space to easily manage your money together or split common expenses. Simply create a space, name it whatever you want—“Tom’s Birthday” or “Winter Holiday,” for example—and start putting funds aside.

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Make ATM withdrawals worldwide, with no transaction fees

Forget transaction fees when traveling. With N26 You, you can withdraw cash for free from ATMs anywhere in the world, and use your N26 You debit card to pay online or in stores in any currency. You’ll also benefit from the Mastercard exchange rate, without any markups.

N26 Premium Partners.

Offers and discounts from our partners

Your N26 You premium plan comes with exclusive offers and discounts from brands like GetYourGuide and Hotels.com, all carefully curated with you and your personal lifestyle in mind.

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Go further with mobility insurance

Stay insured while traveling, but also as you go about your day-to-day. The mobility insurance included with N26 You protects you when you're out and about in your own city, so you can enjoy that extra peace of mind all year round.

Mobility insurance.

Winter sports emergency cover

Looking forward to winter so you can hit the slopes? Rest assured you’re covered when you go skiing or snowboarding: the winter sports insurance included in your plan will cover you in case something goes wrong.

Enjoy bike, scooter and car sharing insurance*

If you use shared vehicles to get around town, this is for you: N26 You includes cover for car shares, bike and scooter hires, so you can get from A to B without the worry.

Get an extra card for when you need it

Ever lost your card and had to wait days for the new one to arrive? To make your day-to-day a little bit easier, N26 You allows you to order an additional debit card to use with your personal account. This way, you’ll always have access to your cash, even when the unexpected happens. (Available in Germany, Spain, Italy and Austria)

Discover our most premium account

Want more from your bank account? Go premium with N26 Metal and get an exclusive metal card, additional benefits and extra peace of mind while on-the-go. Enjoy free withdrawals worldwide, zero foreign transaction fees in any currency, special partner offers, and extensive travel and lifestyle insurance.

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We're here to answer your questions

Need urgent support right away? Our Customer Service is always on hand to help. Reach our specialists directly via the chat in the N26 mobile app or the website, or visit the Support Center to quickly find the answer to your question.

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Explore the world with N26 You

Frequently asked questions

TIN 0%, APR: -2.35% for a scenario in which a daily balance of €5,000 is maintained consistently for 1 year, applying an annual nominal interest rate of 0% and the monthly cost of the account of €9,90/month. The settlement of the account is made monthly.

Allianz Logo - Updated June 2020. *Legal Notice: You can see all the information you need to start a claim or call Allianz Global Assistance Europe in case of an emergency in the N26 app. N26 You features comprehensive insurance coverage from Allianz Global Assistance Europe (trade name of AWP P & C.S.A - Dutch branch) one of Europe's most trusted insurance companies.

Mastercard offers a range of complimentary privileges as part of your N26 You World card status. Every N26 You card holder is automatically entitled to enjoy these benefits, tailored to the needs of frequent travelers and globe-trotters.

If you are planning your next trip, also make sure to check out the Mastercard Priceless Cities* for exclusive events and recommendations. You only need your Mastercard to discover the most beautiful cities in the world, and your new experiences can begin.