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Lifestyle6 tips on how to support your local businesses
Local businesses are the backbone of our neighborhoods and the economy. Here are our 6 best tips on how to support your local champions.


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N26 x Headspace partnership.

N26 x Headspace—focus on what matters

Your mind and your money matter. As an N26 You and Metal customer, enjoy a free, 3-month Headspace subscription. Learn more.

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CEO Blog: Grooming the next generation of global entrepreneurs

At N26, we pride ourselves on encouraging innovation, disruption and an entrepreneurial spirit as almost a school for entrepreneurs.

Product & Services

For the latest information on N26 products and bank accounts
N26 mobile payment.
Product & Services

Instant banking with N26—use your new card to make payments before it even arrives

Waiting for your physical card to arrive? No need! Start spending right away by adding yours to your mobile wallet. Find out more about our latest feature here.

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Product & Services

Here’s how N26 is building a simple, beautiful user-experience for the 21st century

Banking with N26 is streamlined and enjoyable, and fully centered around our customers. Here’s how our app is delivering the best mobile banking experience today.

Technology & Security

Tech and security news and developments
Keyboard and lock as a metaphor of Security.
Technology & Security

Online scams: how to spot fraud and stay safe on the web

Make sure you stay safe online by learning all you need to know on avoiding online scams with this handy guide.

Stay safe while online shopping.
Technology & Security

Stay safe while online shopping—here’s how to protect your money and your data

Spending more time inside? Shop smart with these online shopping tips


Taking a closer look at the things that make your world go around.
emergency fund and rainy day fund image with cloud with euro rain drops.

What is an emergency and rainy day fund? Here’s how to set one up.

Give yourself some peace of mind by saving for life’s unexpected surprises.

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Saving made simple: 9 budgeting apps to make your money go further

Make saving simple with these useful budgeting apps for iPhone and Android.

Banking Basics

Your money and finances, explained
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Banking Basics

The base salary explained: a guide to understanding your pay packet

Get to know the details of your pay packet with these financial definitions.

A line drawing of a flag pole with a Euro sign on it sticking out of a golf hole.
Banking Basics

Foreign transaction fees to look out for when using your debit card abroad

How much are you paying for foreign transaction fees and ATM withdrawals when using your card abroad? Read this article to learn more.


Student Finance - save money, make money, control your money and party!
A fake plastic feet wearing a black headphone speaker.

What to take to uni: a complete checklist of student essentials

Get ready to pack for university with this complete student checklist of important items.

Shirt and sunglasses for first job out of college.

A complete guide to landing your first job out of college

Finally graduated and ready to enter the world of work? This guide is here to help you get started on the road to success.