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Lifestyle subjects that enhance your life and help you better manage your money.

A bride and groom surrounded by wedding attendees.

How to enjoy wedding season without the financial hangover

From outfits and gifts to travel and parties, weddings come with a price tag — even when you’re a guest.

8 min read


Meet the future of banking: beautifully simple and 100% mobile. Find out about N26 products, new features, exclusive promotions, and more.

A selection of N26 virutal cards in the shape of a cookie, a shirt, a suitcase, speakers, and a bar of soap.

What your choice of virtual card says about you

Elevate your banking game with virtual cards designed to match your lifestyle.

8 min read


With N26, make the most of your next trip. Explore our money-saving tips, travel inspiration, and practical advice for adventures of all kinds.

A group of friends on a boat in the sea.

How to travel with friends without any financial stress

Planning a group trip? Here's how to handle shared holiday expenses to keep everyone happy.

5 min read

Technology & Security

Helping you keep your money safe from scams, threats, and other potential dangers.


For freelancers, self-employment means flexibility, independence — and some hustle. Learn how to level up as a freelancer with helpful tips from N26.

A man registering as a freelancer with a laptop.

How to register as a freelancer: All you need to know

Need help deciding whether to be a sole trader or set up a company? Learn the difference between the two and how to register your freelance business.

4 min read


Moving to a foreign country? N26 is here to help. Get useful information and resources for expats so you can thrive in your new home.

medical toolset.

Your guide to health insurance in Austria

What’s the best kind of health insurance in Austria? Read on to learn about types of health insurance plans, how much they cost, and much more.

8 min read


Everyday budgeting is easier than ever thanks to N26. Discover ways to save and put your money toward the things that matter most to you.


The wide world of taxes is easier to navigate with N26. Find the need-to-know info about tax declarations, deductions, deadlines, and more.

Someone is typing on a computer.

Your guide to VAT in Austria

How much is VAT in Austria, and what do you pay it on? And which tax rate actually applies in which circumstances? Find out this and much more here.

4 min read