Risk Indicator corresponding to the bank accounts N26 Standard, N26 Smart, N26 You and N26 Metal


This number is indicative of the risk of the product, being 1/6 indicative of lower risk and 6/6 of higher risk.

Entity attached to the German Deposit Guarantee Fund. The fund guarantees deposits on money up to 100,000 euros per owner of the European Union and entity.

The N26 Mastercard

No matter which account you choose, you’ll get a contactless N26 Mastercard debit card, accepted worldwide.

Standard N26 card on top of a brick.
A hand holding the Standard N26 card.

Accepted worldwide

Pay using your N26 Mastercard online and in-stores for free, anywhere in the world, with no markups and no fees.

Your money when you need it

Every N26 account comes with free domestic currency ATM withdrawals each month, in accordance with our fair use policy. N26 premium accounts also include unlimited free foreign currency withdrawals.

A person holding a Rhubarb colored You card in their hand.
Person holding an N26 Sand You card in their hand.

A fair exchange rate

Use your N26 Mastercard wherever you go. With a mid-market exchange rate on all your foreign currency transactions, you’ll be sure you’re always getting a fair deal.

Instant notifications

Live in the now when it comes to your cash flow. One tap is all it takes to pay with your card’s contactless NFC technology, with an instant push-notification after every incoming and outgoing transaction.

N26 Metal Card Charcoal.

A card you control

It’s your account and you’re in the driver’s seat. Use the N26 app to lock or unlock your card, change the PIN and set daily spending and withdrawal limits at home and abroad.

Mastercard 3D Secure

Spend with confidence. Every payment you make online with your N26 Mastercard comes with extra 3DS protection for an added layer of security.

N26 Metal - Charcoal Black.
Transparent N26 Standard card.
N26 You card, Petrol.

Choose your N26 account

Business or personal? Standard or premium? Whichever type of bank account you opt for, there’s an N26 account with a Mastercard debit that’s just right for you. Plus, pick your card’s color when you choose any premium account.


What is the N26 Mastercard?

All N26 bank cards are Mastercard debit cards that come with contactless NFC technology—even our bespoke-design metal Mastercard. At present, we don’t offer credit cards with our accounts.

Can I get a Maestro card with my N26 account?

Residents in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria can also order a Maestro card to accompany their primary debit Mastercard.

How can I choose my own N26 Mastercard?

You can choose your physical Mastercard when you open an N26 premium bank account. Pick from a choice of 5 colors if you’re an N26 Smart, Business Smart, or N26 You and Business You customer. If you’ve signed up for an N26 Metal or Business Metal bank account, you can get a metal Mastercard available in three metallic shades.

Is the N26 Mastercard free?

If you’re a premium customer, your N26 Mastercard is included with your membership. Simply open a bank account in minutes, and pick your favorite color.

The free N26 Standard bank account comes with a virtual card—simply add it to your mobile wallet to pay in stores, online or in-apps from your smartphone. You can also order a physical Mastercard to use with your bank account for a one-off €10 delivery fee.

What are the benefits of an N26 premium account?

Your N26 premium account offers many benefits, including Spaces sub-accounts for easier saving and Shared Spaces to manage money together with others. On top of this, enjoy a wide range of deals and offers from partner brands, and much more.

Is the N26 Mastercard a credit card?

At present, we don’t offer credit cards. As a premium customer, your bank account comes with a Mastercard debit card.

Is the N26 Mastercard a prepaid card?

No, your N26 Mastercard is not a prepaid card. It is a Mastercard debit card that is accepted worldwide, letting you carry out transactions with the money available in your account.