Understanding taxes in France

From direct and indirect taxes to income and property taxes, figuring out all the taxes you owe can be stressful. At N26, we’re all about helping you navigate complex financial topics and simplifying money management. So, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you better understand taxes in France.

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How do I declare my taxes in France?

Every April, it’s time to start completing your tax return. Even though you get taxed at source in France, submitting a tax return is still mandatory. But fear not—we’ve put together a list of articles to help you get your head around this complex topic. For example, our guide to tax households will help you optimize your tax declaration based on your personal circumstances. Our first tip: remember to declare your N26 account or any other foreign accounts!

Direct taxes: what you need to know

The type of direct tax that most people are familiar with is income tax, but there are other taxes that we pay directly to the state. Find out everything you need to know about income tax schedules in France here. And if you own property—whether it’s a building or a piece of land—then learn more about property tax in our guide.

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What are indirect taxes?

You pay value-added tax, or “VAT,” on most products or services—though you likely don’t even notice it! VAT is collected by companies and then paid to the government, and different VAT rates apply according to the type of goods or services being purchased. Our blog explains what VAT is and how it's applied.

Business expenses and pension contributions

Can I claim business expenses and get them reimbursed? How much will I pay in pension contributions if I’m a salaried employee? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered—our guides have the answers to all your burning questions about business expenses and pension contributions.

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Taxes for the self-employed

Calculating your taxes might not be the most enjoyable part of being self-employed, but it’s still important for estimating your take-home income and setting achievable financial goals. But don’t stress—our practical guide to self-employment taxes in France has tips to make things easier.

Filing tax returns as a student

Starting college is a major milestone in your life, complete with new responsibilities—like filing your first student tax return! Our guide explains what you need to know about how to file your taxes as a student.

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Taxes and cryptocurrency

Almost 8% of French taxpayers purchased cryptocurrency or NFTs in 2021. But what taxes apply to cryptocurrencies? Do you need to declare them to the tax authorities? Find out in our handy guide to filing taxes and cryptocurrencies.

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