Two women with shopping bags.

What exactly is duty free

Not all duty-free goods were created equal! Here’s what to buy and what to avoid to save some cash the next time you’re in the airport.

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You Sand Card.

Lost your debit card? Here’s what to do.

Losing your debit or credit card is stressful. Here’s how to keep your account safe.

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A guy with sunglasses stranding on a street.

How to travel on a budget

Traveling on a budget doesn't mean sacrificing quality—it just means getting more creative! Here are the best ways to make your money stretch further on your next vacation.

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A guy riding a bike in a sunset.

The best bike tours in Europe

Discover spectacular cycle routes to suit your vacation—no matter where in Europe you want to go.

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smartphone on a suitcase in an airport.

Flight delay compensation—are you covered for setbacks?

No one likes dealing with flight delays. Here’s how you can claim compensation of up to €600 on covered flights.

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View of a city and the sunset from the window of a plane.

When’s the best time to book flights?

Save big on flights to your next vacation with these helpful tips.

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Yellow Volkswagen California van on the desert.

Trip cancellation insurance—why you might need it

Trip cancellation insurance—the ‘just-in-case’ coverage for extra financial protection

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OG - Blog: [Winter Travel] - 5 winter sun destinations you can reach in 5 hours or less.

How to apply for a Covid Passport in Spain

Traveling soon? Learn how to get a Digital Covid Certificate and find out how this simple QR code can save you time and energy when traveling within the European Union.

2 min read

When it comes to withdrawing money from an ATM or using your card abroad, foreign transaction fees could mean you’ll end up spending more than you anticipated.

Your guide to travel medical insurance

Traveling abroad and want some extra peace of mind? Read on to find out what travel health insurance is and when you might need it.

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Van on the beach with palm trees.

#VanLife: the 7 best reasons to travel in a van this summer

Always wondered what it’d be like to travel and live on the road? Discover the 7 biggest advantages you can expect when you tick it off your travel bucket list.

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Playa del Silencio.

Best-kept local secrets: top 5 secluded beaches in Spain without crowds

Tired of fighting over the last sunbed at the beach? Discover the top 5 hidden beaches that offer plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

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Street of a Spanish countryside hometown.

5 reasons to rediscover your hometown this summer

A summer reliving the good old days in the Spanish countryside—what’s not to love? Here are five reasons why heading home for the summer is a great idea.

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Two surfers about to go to the water.

5 must-see destinations in northern Spain: eat, surf and camp

Thinking about what to visit in the North of Spain? Here are a few recommendations to help you lose your bearings by surfing, eating like there is no tomorrow and sleeping under the stars.

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