Person working on a table with a laptop, smartphone, pair of glasses and a cup of coffee on it.

Becoming a freelancer? Learn all about the self-employed flat rate, how you can benefit, and how to apply.

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Freelancer woman working on her laptop with headphones.

Kicking off your freelance career in Spain as a foreigner? Here’s what you need to know.

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Surfer in Barcelona beach.

From coastal retreats to urban centers, there’s a place for every taste.

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a coworking space with many freelancers sitting in a big open area.

This new way of working is transforming the way we live and bank.

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Working desk in a garden.

Ready to attend Zoom meetings from a tropical paradise? Find out how you can get in on this remote working trend.

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Woman with her daughter watching something on a laptop.

It’s a fact—everyone gets stressed out sometimes. And regardless of our gender, almost all of us have one worry in common—our finances.

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US dollar bank note with the face of a woman.

This International Women’s Day, N26 is drawing awareness to gender inequality by showcasing just how little representation women have on bank notes.

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White renovated kitchen.

From remodeling your bathroom to replacing your floors, calculate the costs of home renovation.

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Freelancer graphic designer working.

Read on to learn the pros and cons of both kinds of roles.

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Man working on his computer writing on the keyboard.

From product selection to legal requirements, here’s what you need to know about building an e-commerce business.

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Stay safe while online shopping.

Protect yourself from fraud with this simple guide.

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Online shopping on a tablet.

Curious about the e-commerce trend that lets you send products straight from the supplier to the customer, without having to store inventory? Here’s what you should know.

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10 euros bank notes.

Always finding spare change in your pockets at the end of the season? If so, we recommend checking your oldest coats.

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