N26 Local IBAN Spain.

Spanish N26 accounts for our new customers in Spain

From now on we assign Spanish IBANs to our new customers in Spain. Discover the details here.

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We’re always working hard to bring the best banking experience to our customers, no matter where they live. Today a new stage for N26 starts in Spain: from now on all the new N26 accounts opened in Spain are Spanish for all purposes. Or in other words: new N26 customers automatically have a Spanish IBAN.

New customers in Spain will have… a what?

In case you’re not familiar, every bank account comes with its own unique IBAN – short for International Bank Account Number. This designated number allows you to send and receive money from your account to other accounts and vendors.

Until now, if you opened an N26 bank account in Spain, you’ll have received a German IBAN (beginning with the letters ‘DE’) since our bank headquarter is in Germany. A German IBAN should work perfectly fine even for customers not based in Germany, because EU law states that no matter which country your IBAN comes from, it should be accepted anywhere within the EU. However, our customer’s feedback showed that in practice this isn’t always the case. From now on we’ll assign a Spanish IBAN to every new customer in Spain, so it will be possible to set up direct debits and fully operate with their N26 account, but will continue to be protected by the German Deposit Guarantee Fund up to €100,000.

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Starting a movement

Mobile. Fast. Secure. Flexible. Our account is all this, and from now also… Spanish! This is a big step for us, for many reasons. The first is that our Spanish customers will be able to manage their finances even better with N26. The second, because this step will allow us to expand our product offer in the country very soon. The third reason is that even though N26 is only four years old, with Spanish IBANs we are now even stronger in our pursuit to challenge giant traditional banks .

And what about those who were already customers of N26?

Any N26 customer who opened their account before April 17th 2019 still have a German IBAN for now, and all customers will have the option to switch their account to a Spanish IBAN or to continue with the current one. When the time comes, N26 will contact all customers by email with instructions. So, if you are one of the loyal Spanish customers of N26 that has indicated to us that you would like to have a Spanish IBAN on social media, through Customer Support or shouting it to the four winds, do not despair. We are working hard so that you have the ability to choose a Spanish IBAN as well.

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