N26 in Barcelona: check out our new office

The new N26 office in Barcelona is already up and running and growing quickly. How was the opening party? Read about it here.
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N26 has landed in Barcelona. Literally. The entire management team and some employees from Berlin’s office arrived in the city to celebrate the inauguration of the new office some weeks ago.OneCowork’s building, home to N26’s new office, completely changed for the day. The coworking space—normally busy with computers, notebooks and meetings—turned into the scene of the official opening of our new office. Of course, dinner, music and drinks were part of the celebration. Opening a new office in Barcelona is a turning point for N26. Not just because of what the city offers, but because it is the second global office we have opened after our headquarters in Berlin. It is a big step for us, another one on the way of becoming a global bank in all senses.

"N26" can be read in many different languages

In each country we say "N26" differently. So it changes how our brand is perceived. But in the end, the essence is always the same: N26 is the first bank you’ll love. The first mobile bank with European license that is redefining the banking experience, to make it fast and simple. A bank that challenges traditional banks by constantly improving and evolving—combining design, technology, and security.N26 also won’t stop growing: we already have more than 2 million customers. This number is only going up. This growth also reflects itself in our team; we are more than 500 employees from all over the world. For this reason, a few months ago, we decided to create a second European office, focused on product and tech. Not longer after making the decision, we chose Barcelona.

Why Barcelona

Choosing Barcelona wasn’t a casual choice. The city is a global tech hub, and an exceptional place for the development of start-ups (5th in Europe). Barcelona is also a great place to live, a very cosmopolitan and accessible city, with a very high quality of life.Since we are looking for the best talents from all over the world, we need to be where they are—or at least chose a place they’d love to live. It seems like we chose the right spot, because our initial goal of hiring 100 employees in Barcelona by the end of 2019 has changed. Now our aim is to hit 200.

We inaugurated a new home

OneCowork building is close to Plaça Catalunya, right in the heart of the city. Located on the 4th floor, the newest N26 office will manage global tech development of the company, with a specialised team on product and technology.

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