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The top 10 study abroad scholarships

Want to study outside of Spain? Check out these renowned programs and start planning your international adventure.

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Whether it’s a year during high school, your undergraduate studies, or while you’re earning your master’s degree, study abroad is available for students at every level. Studying abroad is a great way to get to know another culture, improve your language skills, make new friends, and more. And with a study abroad scholarship, you can experience all this without breaking the bank. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the top 10 study abroad scholarships available to students in Spain, so that you can start planning your big adventure. Scholarships, programs, and opportunities to study abroad

1. The Erasmus scholarship

Let’s start off with the most quintessential of the quintessential study abroad scholarships—the Erasmus scholarship. Who doesn’t have a friend, sibling, or someone they know who’s lived in Europe for a year thanks to this scholarship? The new program, Erasmus Plus, organizes student exchanges between colleges in different EU member countries. The Erasmus scholarship lasts for between 3 and 12 months, and you can pair it with work experience if you choose.

The first thing you should know when applying for an Erasmus scholarship is that you have to be enrolled in a higher education institute and be studying for a recognized degree. If you’re currently an undergraduate, you’ll be able to apply for this scholarship once you’ve completed your first year of study. On top of that, both your parent institution and your destination institution should have an interinstitutional agreement between them and possess the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

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2. Iberdrola Scholarships

The International Master’s Scholarship Program is aimed at young professionals looking to further their career in innovation in the energy sector. In total, the scheme offers 35 study abroad scholarships, spread out among the following countries:

  • Spain—8 scholarships to study either in Spain, the United Kingdom, or the United States.
  • United Kingdom—12 scholarships for studying in the UK.
  • Mexico—15 scholarships for studying in Mexico.

To find out when to apply for these study abroad scholarships, check the information published on the website—this is where you’ll find everything you need to know about the registration process, required documents, and scholarship winners. Follow this link to learn what you’ll have to do to apply for the 2021/22 round.

3. DAAD Scholarships

If you’ve thought about going to Germany to study, the name DAAD—Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst—should already sound familiar. In English, this means the German Academic Exchange Service. It was founded in 1925, and is headquartered in Bonn. It’s the biggest German organization dedicated to funding cooperation in international higher education, and it supports people who want to go to Germany to study. 

It’s estimated that the DAAD awards study abroad scholarships to 150,000 students each year. Its annual budget totals 500 million euros, with most of this money coming from public funds—even though it’s not a state-run organization. 

The DAAD offers more than 100 different scholarship programs. We recommend you check out their website to find the scholarship that suits you best. This choice will be based on a variety of entry requirements, including your home country, your knowledge of German, your current level of study, and how long you’ve already been studying.

4. Endeavour Scholarships

Considered one of the top study abroad scholarships, the Endeavour Scholarships form part of the Australia Awards scholarship program offered by the Australian Government. It offers American, Asian, and European citizens the chance to take professional training and build up their resume in Australia.

The Endeavour scholarships came onto the scene in 2009 and fall into four categories:

  • Endeavour Scholarships for Postgraduate Study
  • Endeavour Scholarships for Research
  • Endeavour Scholarships for Professional Learning and Training
  • Endeavour scholarship for Executives

These study abroad scholarships cover enrollment costs and include a monthly payment of $3,000 AUD, as well as another $3,000 AUD of financial aid for travel costs and accommodations. They also offer payments of between $2,000 AUD and $40,000 AUD to help you settle in Australia. 

Below are some of the application requirements for these study abroad scholarships. You have to:

  • be at least 18 years old.
  • be a citizen of one of the participating countries (Spain is included in this list).
  • have a college degree and a strong academic track record.
  • have a high level of English. 

5. The Ramón Areces Scholarship

An option that’s perhaps of the lesser known study abroad scholarships is the Ramón Areces scholarship. It offers 24 scholarships and aims to support research in colleges and research centers in other countries. These scholarships fall into six different categories: economic analysis, commercial distribution, applied economics, business economics, the history of economics, and EU law.

The scholarship lasts 12 months, and can be extended on request if the Board of the Ramón Areces Foundation agrees. It provides monthly net financial support totaling €1,800, and also covers enrollment costs and one return journey per year. 

To find out more about how to apply for this scholarship and other requirements, you can visit this website.

6. The Eiffel Scholarships

The Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence was created by the French government’s Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. It’s aimed at foreign students who want to study a master’s degree or doctorate program in France. 

The Eiffel scholarships cover four areas of study:

  1. Law
  2. Economics and Management
  3. Engineering at master’s level and a range of sciences at doctorate level 
  4. Political science

The age limit for this scholarship is 25 for master’s-level courses and 30 for doctorate-level courses.

7. Fulbright Scholarships

The Fulbright Program is the main culture and education exchange program in the United States. Students receive these study abroad scholarships based on their professional and academic achievement, as well as leadership abilities. Students have the option to study, research, and work in the United States for different lengths of time—between two and five years—according to the duration of the relevant scholarship. The annual allowance of this scholarship is $35,000 USD—around €32,500. Here you can check out the 17 different scholarships available for Spanish citizens, as well as the registration deadlines and entry requirements. 

8. The Vulcanus Program

The Vulcanus Program is a scholarship program created in 1997 by the Japanese Government to give EU students the chance to undertake internships in the country. These scholarships last for one year and include financial aid totaling ¥1,900,000—around €15,400. This scholarship also covers costs for accommodations, language classes, and seminars. 

There are only two requirements to apply for these study abroad scholarships—you have to be an EU citizen and be studying towards a degree in engineering or science. 

Students that join the Vulcanus Program will enjoy:

  • A week-long seminar on Japanese culture.
  • An intensive course in Japanese language.
  • Eight months of internship in a company in Japan.

9. Chevening Scholarships

The Chevening Scholarships is an international scholarships program created in 1983 by the UK Foreign Affairs Minister. These programs are aimed at students with high academic potential who want to study a postgraduate course in the United Kingdom. 

To apply to these study abroad scholarships, you need to have a university degree, at least two years of work experience, and be a citizen of one of the 116 participating countries. These scholarships cover matriculation costs, plane travel from your home country to the UK together, as well as living and accommodation costs.

The program offers 1,500 scholarships in the following fields:

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Geography
  • Languages
  • Law

10. Vanier Scholarships

The Canadian government fully funds the Vanier Scholarships. These scholarships help foreign students to finance research careers in health, science, and engineering. They’re especially aimed at students from Latin American countries and native Spanish speakers. They last three years and provide financial aid of $50,000.

Due to the international popularity and prestige of these scholarships, the registration process and the entry requirements are both very strict. You are required:

  • To be nominated by a Canadian college.
  • Not to hold a doctorate.
  • To have been the top student in your class the previous two years.
  • To never have been awarded a doctorate scholarship or a CIHR, NSERC, or SSHRC.

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