N26 Metal Card Quartz Rose.

N26 Metal, the exclusive card for the global generation, now available in Spain

N26 Metal is our premium offer for the digital generation. With comprehensive travel insurance and a metal core card, it’s designed to make a statement. Now available in Spain in three colours.

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The world is now closer and more connected than ever. Yet we still have a desire for the physical items that you can hold and call your own.

Out of these two opposites comes N26 Metal—a card designed to feel, look, and act differently. N26 Metal is the result of hours of refining, distilling and applied design. It embodies the best of unique, physical design and the ambition for new experiences and horizons. And now it’s available in Spain.

Put concretely, N26 Metal is a stunning card—representing the best of our unique style—paired with exclusive offers from curated partners, dedicated Customer Support, and comprehensive travel insurance. It comes in three distinct colors for you to choose from, too: Carbon Black, Quartz Rose, and Slate Grey.

N26 Metal New Colors Boxes.

This card takes you places while maintaining that unique connection to the moment. The beauty is in the details, the design behind Metal “We really wanted a card that felt different. When we first started drafting and prototyping the design of the physical card itself, we knew that would define the ultimate end product—that the benefits would fall right into place,” says Taryn Niesena, the chief designer of the Metal card.

With Metal, we’ve created two firsts: our first metal card and Europe’s first metal card with contactless payment abilities. Its weighs some 18g, making it almost three times heavier than standard cards. That makes a difference. It’s a noticeable weight—you’ll feel it in your pocket and others will notice when you plunk it onto the table. It connects purpose with occasion: “The metal is really the face of the card. We didn’t want just another metal card though, we wanted something distinctly N26 and minimalist,” continues Taryn Niesena. That explains our decision to keep the front as clean as possible so you can enjoy its three distinct colors more.

Connecting style to substance: a whole new, custom Metal experience with the same travel and purchase benefits of Black. Metal is a card designed to represent a new kind of identity—a group of global-minded people who want to live well and remain connected to the world without sacrificing or compromising their desires. We took this principle and created a new, personalized “N26 Metal” section for the app. Here, you can find all their benefits in one space. On top of that, we’ve partnered with innovative brands such as WeWork, GetYourGuide, Hotels.com and Drivy to bring you exclusive offers. We know it’s sometimes hard to cut through choice overload when it comes to online services, so our goal with the program was to pick innovative and digital products that keep you connected and make your life easier.

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