Risk indicator for all N26 accounts.


1/6 This number is indicative of the risk of the product, 1/6 being indicative of lower risk and 6/6 of higher risk.

N26 is a member of the German Deposit Guarantee Fund. The fund guarantees deposits up to 100,000 euros per account holder and entity.

Scan The Cash

Join the hunt for €25,000 hidden in Madrid!

Ever find a banknote on the street? What about a digital banknote? Voted the world’s best bank by Forbes, N26 is a 100% mobile bank––and we believe that the future of cash is digital. To get our point across, we’re filling the streets of Madrid with digital banknotes just waiting to be discovered. Read on to find out where and how!

Watch your step!

If you happen to be in Plaza de Chueca, Plaza de San Ildefonso or Plaza del Dos de Mayo this weekend, make sure you have your smartphone ready. There’s more than €25,000 in digital money to be found! If you're quick enough, you'll get to claim €50 in digital cash for your N26 account.

Remember, don’t take the money–– scan it!

Terms and Conditions apply.

Have we captured your attention?

You might be asking yourself: where’s all this digital money hiding? Here’s a hint—what better way to start the weekend in Madrid than with a beer on the terrace? Why not head to Taberna de Ángel Sierra, Tabena de Chueca, La Chuequita or Chueking if you’re near the Plaza de Chueca, Conhache, Mis Chen, or Naif if you’re near the Plaza de San Ildefonso and Gato and Café Tatiana if you are in Dos de Mayo.

Maybe you’ll make an exciting discovery!

Girls having a drink in a terrace.

Get secure, contactless payments with N26

Sick of losing track of your cash? Paying with your smartphone is quick, easy, and safe. Connect your debit Mastercard with Apple Pay and Google Pay to pay in stores, online, and via your apps.

Approve your payments in seconds using your fingerprint or Face ID—that’s it!

An iPhone X with the Apple Pay screen open on it.

N26 Smart—spend and save your way

Take back control of your money with N26 Smart.

N26 Smart puts you fully in charge of your spending by automatically categorizing your spending and keeping track of your expenses.

Switch to N26 Smart and start enjoying its premium benefits today.

N26 You card, Petrol.
N26 Metal - Charcoal Black.
Transparent N26 Standard card.
N26 You card, Petrol.

Discover a new banking experience

Open your free N26 bank account from your phone. Just download the app and sign up in a few minutes.

~8 Million
~1.8 B $

NIR: 0%, APR: -1.17% If there is a constant daily balance of €5,000 for one year. 0% nominal annual interest rate 0%, monthly cost €4.90/month. The settlement of the account is made monthly.

By taking part in this promotion, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

If you’re one of the first six participants to claim the banknote, N26 will give you a code to redeem the prize. No personal data will be collected.