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Money made beautifully simple. Spend, save, and invest in one intuitive app that's trusted by millions.

The free bank account that makes life easy

Join the online bank that lets you manage your shared finances right alongside your personal account. No waiting times, no hidden fees, no paperwork — just beautifully simple banking on the go.
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Your free account

With a virtual Mastercard and three free domestic ATM withdrawals per month.

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Simply secure

Our innovative security features keep your money and data simply secure.

Security at N26
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24/7 mobile banking

Enjoy a fully transparent bank account that's made for travelling, with 24/7 support when you need it.

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Send and receive money

Pay friends and make quick, simple transfers within the eurozone.

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Put your savings to work

N26 Instant Savings is our easy-access savings interest-bearing account* that's 100% flexible. Earn interest on all your savings with no deposit limits** and dip into it anytime. Win-win.
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Discover Crypto at N26

N26 Crypto is here! It’s just a few taps away from your cash in the N26 app. Plus, you’ll get instant trades, clear insights, and access to almost 200 coins, thanks to our partner Bitpanda***.
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N26 accounts — your money deserves an upgrade

N26 Standard

The free online bank account

Transparent N26 Standard card.
Virtual Card


  • Up to 3 free ATM withdrawals in euros

  • Pay worldwide with no foreign transaction fees

  • A virtual Mastercard debit card

  • 2.26% annual gross interest rate* with Instant Savings

N26 Smart

The bank account that gives you more control

N26 You card, Rhubarb.
N26 You card, Petrol.
N26 You card, Wheat.
N26 You card, Ash.
N26 You card, Teal.


All benefits of N26 Standard, Plus
  • Up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts

  • Customer support hotline

  • A virtual and a physical card

  • 2.8% annual gross interest rate* with Instant Savings

N26 You

The debit card for everyday and travel

N26 You card, Petrol.
N26 You card, Wheat.
N26 You card, Rhubarb.
N26 You card, Ash.
N26 You card, Teal.


  • Up to 5 free ATM withdrawals in euros

  • Free ATM withdrawals abroad

  • Travel insurance

  • 2.8% annual gross interest rate* with Instant Savings


N26 Metal

The premium account with a metal card

N26 Metal - Charcoal Black.
N26 Metal - Slate Grey.
Quartz Rose - N26 Metal Card.


All benefits of N26 You, Plus
  • 18-gram metal debit card

  • Up to 8 free ATM withdrawals in euros

  • Exclusive mobile phone insurance

  • 4% annual gross interest rate* with Instant Savings

For more information on the N26 membership plans and Allianz Assistance insurance coverage, please see the plan comparison page and the applicable T&Cs.
N26 You card, Wheat.
N26 Metal - Charcoal Black.
Transparent N26 Standard card.

Open your N26 account in minutes

Whether you're looking for a flexible, free online bank account or a premium account complete with insurance packages and smart budgeting tools, N26 has got you covered. There's no paperwork and no hassle — open your account from your phone in minutes.

*Deposits at N26 Instant Savings earn interest at an annual gross nominal rate of 4% with N26 Metal, 2,8% with N26 Smart and N26, You and 2.26% with N26 Standard, which may be subject to change at any time by N26. Interest is taxable and subject to social security contributions. Reserved for non-Business customers of N26 Bank AG, Succursale France. **The money in your bank accounts — including N26 Instant Savings — is protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme. *** Digital assets present a risk of total or partial loss of capital due to the specific volatility of digital asset prices and due to cybersecurity risks. A return equal to the money spent is not guaranteed and a complete loss of the money spent is possible at any time. Service of reception and transmission of orders of digital assets provided by N26 Bank AG (Voltairestr. 8, 10179 Berlin, Germany CR Berlin Charlottenburg HRB 247466 B). Trading and custody of digital assets by Bitpanda GmbH (Stella-Klein-Löw-Weg 17, 1020 Vienne Autriche, RC FN569240 v). Learn more on

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