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Not a fan of waiting times, hidden fees, or paperwork? Us too. Get a bank account with a virtual card and 24/7 support and manage your money on the go.

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Security at N26

N26 is a German bank with a full German banking license. This means that your N26 bank account is guaranteed by the Compensation Scheme of German Banks for deposits up to €100.000. N26 also uses additional safety measures to keep your account safe, such as smartphone pairing, 3D Secure and fingerprint identification.

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Automated push-notifications

With N26 you’re always on top of your finances. Whether it’s card payments, cash withdrawals or transfers – you’ll always know what’s going in and out of your account, thanks to real time push-notifications.

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Apple Pay

Mobile payments, easier than ever. Thanks to Apple Pay’s NFC technology you can pay directly with your Apple device. It’s easy to use, safe and effortlessly mobile. Pay with your N26 Mastercard and Apple Pay to get your shopping done faster.

Apple Pay
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N26 Crypto — so easy to use

Say hello to N26 Crypto! So easy to try — it’s just a few taps away from your cash in the N26 app. And, you’ll get instant trades, clear insights, and access to almost 200 coins.

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The market for crypto assets constitutes a high risk. A complete loss of the money spent is possible at any time. N26 Crypto is powered by Bitpanda Asset Management GmbH.

N26 Switzerland - our mission

If you frequently travel or like to cross the border to go shopping, N26 is for you. With the N26 euro account you can withdraw money from ATMs free of charge and are never subject to foreign exchange fees. Freelancers with a N26 Business account can transfer money free of charge (in euros) and additionally profit from 0.1% Cashback on purchases.

Saving made easy with Spaces

Whether you’re saving up for uni, your new winter garden or that seven month world trip you’ve been planning - with our Spaces sub-accounts—saving has become easier than ever. Create and design up to three different Spaces, set rules, and easily move money around through drag-and-drop.

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Get Cashback with N26 Business

With our free business account you get 0.1% Cashback on all purchases made with your N26 Mastercard. Also, you’re never subject to foreign exchange fees when paying for things on your work trip!

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Banking - easy and digital

N26 makes it easy to manage your finances on your smartphone. Open your free account in a few minutes without any paperwork.

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