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Financial products


Apply for an N26 Overdraft of up to €10,000 right in your N26 app with just a few taps. Manage all your finances directly from your smartphone, and easily keep an eye on your spending as well as your daily overdraft costs.

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Consumer credit

Want more financial flexibility? Request a loan of up to €25,000 directly in-app with N26 Credit—no paperwork involved. Compare loans and manage your payments easily right from your smartphone.

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N26 Insurance

Get N26 on-demand coverage to protect the things you value. Protect your laptop, tablet, smartwatch, and smartphone with N26 Insurance against theft, malfunctions, or damage. Sign up within minutes on the N26 app and cancel at any time.

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Installment loans

If you need money for an urgent purchase, you can simply get an installment loan for a payment you've made in the past. This way you can increase the funds in your N26 account quickly and stay flexible.

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