How Leos handle money

Leos love luxury, and this king of the star signs can have a magnetic personality. But what are other typical Leo traits — and what are their finances like? Find out here!
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In the star signs x N26 series, we’re looking at each of the twelve star signs and exploring their different approaches to money. Astrology has been around for a good 2,000 years, and the characteristics of the star signs were mostly established by the Ancient Greeks. So far, there isn’t any scientific evidence that planetary constellations affect our personalities. Still, horoscopes give us a unique system for talking about our personal traits, habits, and temperaments — and as character studies, horoscopes can be surprisingly accurate and fun to read. This month, we’re looking at possibly the most charismatic star sign of all: Leo! Keep reading to discover what makes this star sign special and how Leos handle their finances.

The Leo star sign

If you were born between July 24 and August 23, your star sign is Leo  (Latin for “lion”). But due to the shift in the point of Aries, or the spring equinox, the dates for Leo no longer align with the constellation that gave the star sign its name 2,000 years or so ago. Nowadays, the sun passes through the Leo constellation between early August and mid-September. The dazzlingly bright stars of Denebola, Regulus, and Algieba mark the body of the lion, with a crescent-shaped line made from three smaller stars forming its head. The Ancient Egyptians spotted a lion in this constellation, as did the Persians, Jews, Syrians, and other ancient peoples. In Jewish mythology, for instance, the lion is a symbol of the Messiah and the heraldic animal used by the Israelite tribe of Judah.Leo’s significance as a sign of the zodiac comes from Greek mythology. As the story goes, the demi-god Hercules needed to complete twelve tasks for King Eurystheus within twelve years in order to settle a heavy debt. One of these tasks was to bring the king the magical pelt of the Nemean lion, which had been terrorizing the inhabitants of Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula. It was impossible to wound the Nemean lion — arrows simply bounced off its fur, and even whacking it with a club was useless. Finally, Hercules strangled the lion with his bare hands and used its pelt as a cloak, which, in turn, made him practically invincible. The lion was immortalized in the skies by the goddess Hera. Leo is a fixed star sign, just like Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio. Its ruling planet is the sun and its element is fire, and these associations are strongly connected to Leo’s personality traits. The sun, a ball of fire made from gas, is at the heart of our solar system, with the other eight planets revolving around it. It provides the Earth with light and energy and even makes the moon shine. But, just like fire, the sun’s power can be destructive. Read on to see how this impacts Leo’s character.

What are typical Leo characteristics?

Charismatic, strong-willed, and fun-loving are just some of the adjectives that Leos are frequently adorned with. And “adorned” is absolutely the right word, as people with the Leo star sign or Leo ascendant are seen as style-conscious and extravagant. Leos like being admired and thrive when they’re the center of attention. Their energy and charisma can be pretty irresistible. But despite their natural magnetism, Leos don’t tend to be narcissistic. As a fixed sign, Leos have a stable personality and are secure and self-confident.While Leos are extroverts who love freedom — and flirting — they’re also extremely family-minded. This loyal star sign would do anything for their nearest and dearest. They see themselves as a leader and protector against external threats, and their sunny disposition can tip into rage if someone dares to violate their honor — even if it’s irrational. So, it’s not surprising that Leos don’t tend to take criticism well.In fact, Leos do have some areas of weakness. They care deeply for the ones they love, but Leos aren’t hugely empathetic or attentive — they can end up focusing more on themselves. Deep-thinking water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces can be bothered by how superficial Leos may seem to be. Plus, male and female Leos alike can sometimes come across as domineering. This is likely due to the strong sense of responsibility that this zodiac sign feels. Leos do have stamina, but patience isn’t their strongest suit. Unlike intellect-driven Geminis, Leos tend to go with their gut. As a fire sign ruled by the sun, they’re too energetic to spend much time thinking things through.

Other Leo traits

Leos are born leaders. Their charisma and strong work ethic motivate others, and may even help them attract potential investors. It’s no surprise that people born under the Leo star sign often set up their own company. According to their horoscope, Leos are good at delegating, communicate clearly, and have a flair for organization. Plus, they love competition and have a creative mind. As a fixed star sign, Leos — like Tauruses — are stable enough to remain calm in a crisis and weather any storm, such as an economic recession.Leos can also be found in politics, often in major leadership roles. Barack Obama is the perfect example of a Leo’s charming leadership style. This former US President is known for his passionate, motivational speeches and unique charisma. He has a natural sense of authority and doesn’t need to put others down in order to project power.Stylish, courageous Leos often beat the odds and find a foothold in creative industries, too. Fashion designer Coco Chanel, for instance, was sent to an orphanage aged 12, where she learned how to sew and knit. She opened her first boutique in Paris at the age of 27 — in 1910 and as a woman, no less. In her day, her sports-inspired jersey garments saw her revolutionize the world of fashion and gave women a new sense of self-confidence. Coco herself wore her boyfriend’s pants and cut her hair short, while staying as elegant as ever — a bona fide Leo! Other famous people with this star sign include Jennifer Lopez, Meghan Markle, Mick Jagger, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Leo star sign and finances

So, we’ve looked at the key characteristics of a Leo. But what do Leos’ ambition and sense of responsibility mean for their finances? Are Leos frivolous or thrifty? Find out below in this financial horoscope for Leo!

How do Leos deal with money?

True, people with their star sign in Leo love lavish clothing, pricey jewelry, and other luxury goods. External appearance is very important to male and female Leos alike — and that also includes regular trips to the beauty salon, menswear store, or hairdresser. Although it costs money to look that good, Leos are very capable of putting money aside, too. This star sign always stashes away some cash for bigger purchases. And they can afford it: Ambitious, money-motivated Leos’ careers often take them to lucrative senior positions.Their canny financial planning doesn’t just benefit Leo themselves. As the head of the family, Leos like to spoil their loved ones and care for them financially. From group trips to sunny winter destinations to buying a home, Leos are generous in every area of life and are more than happy to pick up the check. However, people born under the Leo star sign are sometimes too giving, running the risk of being exploited by people who don’t have a healthy relationship with their own finances. Leos rarely reflect on what others might be thinking — so they often fail to realize when someone has ulterior motives.With their ambitious, energetic nature, Leos can struggle to be patient. They love smart tech that makes their lives easier and helps them reach their goals more quickly. As an optimistic star sign, Leo makes intuitive financial decisions and doesn’t think about what could go wrong en route. Instead, they focus on their desired outcome. That also brings them lots of respect and admiration from those around them — cementing their role as the king of the zodiac.

Get your finances in order — whatever your star sign

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