The premium business bank account with cashback

Discover N26 Business Metal — the business bank account with 0.5% cashback, designed for freelancers and the self-employed, for €16.90 per month. Open yours in minutes, and start using it before your physical metal card arrives.

Stand out with your Business Metal card

Minimalist, elegant design meets innovative features. Discover a beautiful banking experience, with N26 Business Metal’s stainless-steel Mastercard, available in three distinct metallic shades: Carbon Black, Quartz Rose, and Slate Grey.

Discover your Mastercard

Get rewarded with 0.5% cashback

Earn 0.5% cashback on all purchases with your Business Metal Mastercard and get money straight back into your account on a monthly basis. A smart way to reinvest it in your business — no fuss, no strings attached.

8 minutes
to open a premium business bank account
Priority customer support
with access to our dedicated hotline
Deposit protection
of up to €100,000
A full banking license
since 2016
N26 Premium Metal dedicated phone support.

Priority Customer Support, always at your service

Whatever you need, we’re here to help. Whether it’s a quick question about your account, guidance on using a feature, or urgent technical support, just reach out to a dedicated Customer Support specialist on the phone, or chat to the team directly via your N26 app.

Extra peace of mind, wherever you are

Whatever your day throws at you and wherever your business takes you, rest assured that you’re covered with N26 Business Metal. Thanks to your account’s extensive package of travel, mobility and lifestyle insurance, enjoy that extra peace of mind—both at home and further afield.

Travel emergencies

The N26 You policy provides cover for you, your spouse and children in case of a medical emergency abroad, including dental care. You also get access to 24/7 medical phone assistance.

Baggage coverage and delay insurance

Get covered up to €500 for baggage delays over 4 hours, or up to €2,000 if your baggage goes missing.

Travel delay and cancellation

We know how inconvenient it can be when business trips don’t go to plan. Thankfully, if your trip is cancelled or delayed for more than 2 hours, you’ll be covered.

Trip interruption

Get covered up to €10,000 for unused non-refundable trip costs, plus additional accommodation and transportation.

Stay covered with mobile phone insurance

Damaging your smartphone is frustrating—especially if you’re using it for all your business dealings. To avoid the unexpected, your Business Metal account covers your phone in case of theft or damage up to €2,000*, regardless of whether you paid for it with your N26 Business Metal card or not.

Go global with Mastercard, at no extra cost

Wherever your business takes you, make payments anywhere in the world with zero foreign transaction fees and at Mastercard’s best exchange rate. Plus, enjoy free unlimited ATM withdrawals abroad and stay up-to-date with instant push notifications that inform you of what comes in and out of your account.

N26 Business Perks that propel you forward

Enjoy partner deals, perfectly suited to freelancers and the self-employed. Fill your mind with big ideas and subscriptions that upskill you, tap into tools that help build, manage and grow your business, or just do more with your money thanks to brands such as Fiverr, Dropbox, Taxfix, and NordVPN. Additionally, support your lifestyle with offers from the likes of Readly, Skill Yoga, Blinkist, and BookBeat.

View the Perks available to you—and learn how to redeem them—in your N26 app.

Smart management tools at your fingertips

Forget clunky spreadsheets and mountains of paperwork—your N26 Business Metal bank account helps you keep track of all your business expenses all in one place. Get an automatic categorization of your spending with our Insights feature, and log in to the web app on your desktop to download your statements for easier tax returns.

N26 Bank Account categorising transactions for statistics.

Get organized with Spaces sub-accounts

Stay on top of your business finances with 10 Spaces sub-accounts, each with its own IBAN. Automatically set money aside from your main account with Rules, then pay your bills via direct debit, set up standing orders for recurring payments, send and receive SEPA transfers, or get paid from clients—directly in each sub-account.

Saving up for future projects? Try Round-Ups to save up the spare change whenever you pay by card. With Shared Spaces, it's easy to pool money together with others, too.

Discover Spaces

Pay from Spaces with your Business Metal card

Link your metal card with just a few taps to a Space of your choice and pay directly from that Space. That way, you'll always be in control of your business expenses.

Organize incoming transfers into Spaces

Optimize your budget planning! Use the N26 Income Sorter to automatically set aside part of your incoming transfers into your Spaces. Set either a percentage or fixed amount and let us take care of the rest.

Black N26 Business Metal card.

Your card, your business style.

Join N26 or upgrade to Business Metal to redefine your banking experience.

What do I need to open an N26 Business Metal account?

To open a bank account with N26, you must meet the eligibility criteria. You can then register on our website or via the app—all you need is your smartphone and a photo ID to get started. The sign-up process only takes a few minutes and no paperwork is needed—and you don’t even need a minimum deposit amount.

You can find more information on how to open a business bank account at our Support Center.

How do I get an N26 Business Metal debit card?

Your N26 Business Metal bank account comes with a free contactless Mastercard debit in 18-grams of stainless steel. Once you’ve signed up and your identity has been verified, we’ll send your Business Metal card — in your choice of metallic shade — to the delivery address you’ve provided. Please note that we don’t currently offer credit cards at N26 for our business bank accounts.

How does cashback work at N26?

Looking for a current account with cashback? With N26 Business Metal, earn 0.5% cashback on all your purchases made with your N26 Mastercard. This money is paid straight back into your account on a monthly basis.

What does cashback mean?

Cashback is a refund or bonus. Some banks offer cashback to their customers when they make purchases with their credit or debit card.

For example, if you open an N26 Business Metal account, you'll receive 0.5% cashback on any purchases made using your N26 Mastercard.

Does N26 Business Metal come with insurance?

Your N26 Business Metal account comes with mobility and travel insurance, courtesy of Allianz Assistance. Benefit from emergency medical cover for you, your spouse and your children (including dental and winter sports coverage), trip curtailment or cancellation insurance, compensation for flight delays and luggage loss, mobile phone coverage in case of theft or damage, and bike, scooter and car sharing insurance both at home and abroad.

Find out more about what’s included in the Terms and Conditions.

Is mobile phone insurance included in the N26 Business Metal fee?

Yes, it’s included with N26 Business Metal. You’re covered in case of theft or damage up to €1,000, regardless of whether you paid for your smartphone with your N26 card or not.

Does my bank account come with deals and offers?

Yes, as a premium Business Metal customer, you can enjoy a wide selection of business-orientated perks from brands such as Fiverr, Dropbox, Taxfix, and NordVPN. On top of this, benefit from a range of lifestyle deals and offers that support your general wellbeing.

How much does the N26 Business Metal account cost?

The N26 Business Metal account costs €16.90 per month, and it’s a yearly subscription.

How do Spaces sub-accounts work, and what can I use them for?

N26 Spaces are sub-accounts that sit alongside your main account, and are a practical way to organize your business finances. As a premium customer, create up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts with IBANs in your N26 app, then easily set money aside for your taxes, future projects, savings goals, and more. Each space can have its own unique IBAN, which you can use to pay your business expenses via direct debit, or to get paid via SEPA transfers directly into a sub-account. Of course, you don’t have to add an IBAN to your space if you don’t need one—the choice is yours.

Working with a team? Simply open a Shared Space, and manage your business funds together with up to 10 other N26 customers. Please note that an IBAN can’t be added to a Shared Space for now—but stay tuned for more exciting updates to come! Learn more about N26 Spaces and all its features here.

I’d like to switch my business bank account. Does N26 offer an account switching service?

Yes! At N26, we provide a free account switching service, together with finleap Connect. It takes as little as 10 minutes to request to switch banks. Just visit our account switching service page and type in the name of your current bank. It’s possible to switch to N26 from almost any bank in Germany. Still have questions? Read more about how to switch banks and find out how easy and quick it is to change your bank.

Which is the best business bank account at N26?

Wondering which is the best business bank account at N26 and what benefits are included? The answer depends entirely on your personal needs. For example, if you choose N26 Business Metal, you get an account with 0.5% cashback for every purchase you make with your metal card.

Plus, you’ll also receive a stainless-steel debit Mastercard in one of three distinct metallic shades, an extensive insurance package including rental car insurance, up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts, and much more. Check out our plans to find the one that’s best for you.

Does the N26 Business Metal account help me with accounting?

N26 Business Metal offers innovative features that help you with your accounting. Especially when it comes to invoices and tax returns, an N26 business account has practical perks. Easily download your account statements in PDF or CSV format with the N26 WebApp. Plus, search your transactions directly in the N26 app, filter by category, or create your own tags for them, such as #tax or #businesstrip, so you can find the details more easily later.