N26 Mastercard debit card—accepted worldwide

Your premium bank account comes with a Mastercard debit card in a choice of colors. Sign up in minutes, and enable mobile payments to start spending right away—even before your physical card arrives in the mail.

~7 million
8 minutes
to open a bank account
5* ratings across both iOS and Android app stores

A Mastercard, perfectly suited to you

Premium customer? Pick a Mastercard in 5 colors: Ocean, Sand, Rhubarb, Aqua or Slate. And with N26 Metal, get an exclusively-designed metal debit card crafted in 18-grams of stainless steel and an option of three stunning shades—choose a Charcoal Black Mastercard, or go for Slate Grey or Quartz Rose. If you have a free N26 Standard bank account, you can also order our signature transparent debit card for a one-off €10 delivery fee.

N26 transparent Mastercard, Charcoal black Metal Mastercard and teal Mastercard.

Pay with your Mastercard, around the globe

The perfect travel companion in your pocket, your Mastercard debit card is accepted worldwide and offers zero foreign transaction fees when spending abroad—with no mark ups or extra charges. Pay in stores, online and in-apps and spend like a local wherever you are in the world—all thanks to fee-free ATM withdrawals in any currency included with your N26 You and Metal account. Simply use the handy Mastercard ATM locator in your app to find your nearest cashpoint.

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Mastercard 3D Secure

Spending online? Mastercard SecureCode is an advanced two-factor authentication step that adds an additional layer of protection.

NFC technology

Your contactless Mastercard comes with NFC technology, and one tap is all it takes to pay in stores, online or in-apps.

Instant push notifications

With real-time push notifications after every transaction, you’ll always know about money coming in and out of your bank account.

Deposit protection

Your money is protected up to €100,000, thanks to our full European banking license and the German Deposit Protection Scheme.

Stay in control—24/7

You’re always in the driver’s seat with N26. Add your Mastercard debit card to your mobile wallet to make payments with your smartphone. With a few taps in the app, you can also lock or unlock your card, change your PIN or set daily spending and withdrawal limits—at home and abroad. Always misplacing your card? Order an extra to use with your N26 account, and never lose access to your money.

phone screen with N26 Metal Mastercard.
N26 Metal - Charcoal Black.
Transparent N26 Standard card.
N26 You card, Petrol.

Your Mastercard, your way

Business or personal? Standard or premium? Whichever type of bank account you opt for, choose a Mastercard debit card that’s right for you. Go premium to pick your card’s color, or order a transparent debit card for a one-off delivery fee.

What is the N26 Mastercard debit card?

All N26 bank cards are Mastercard debit cards that come with contactless NFC technology—even our bespoke-design metal Mastercard. Shop or withdraw money anywhere in the world, and keep your money safe with 3D Secure from Mastercard. Plus, add your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay to spend and save with confidence—right from your phone. Please note that we don’t currently offer credit cards with our accounts.

What is the difference between a Maestro card and a Mastercard card?

Maestro cards can only be used as debit cards, meaning they only have access to the funds on the owner’s bank account. A Mastercard, on the other hand, can be issued as a debit card or a as a credit card, where purchases made on the card are billed to the customer at the end of the month. Mastercard also offers prepaid cards, where customers can add funds to the card without connecting it to their bank account.

Is the N26 Mastercard free?

If you’re a premium customer, your N26 Mastercard is included with your membership. Simply open a bank account in minutes, and pick your favorite color. The free N26 Standard bank account comes with a virtual card—simply add it to your mobile wallet to pay in stores, online or in-apps from your smartphone. You can also order a physical Mastercard to use with your bank account for a one-off €10 delivery fee.

What’s the difference between a Mastercard and an N26 Mastercard?

All Mastercards are not created equal, and the features included in a Mastercard depend on the issuing bank. Some banks issue Mastercard credit cards, while others offer Mastercard debit cards. At some banks, cash withdrawals above a certain amount are subject to a fee—and there are also banks that don’t offer Mastercards with a German IBAN, but rather with a foreign one. If you choose to get an N26 debit Mastercard, you’ll benefit from a German IBAN, free payments worldwide, and 3D Secure technology for safe online payments.

How can I use a debit Mastercard?

A debit Mastercard can be used for various things. Use it to pay online, in-app or in stores—or use it to withdraw cash from ATMs. If your debit Mastercard comes with NFC technology, you can also use it for contactless payments. At some banks, you can also link your debit Mastercard to Apple Pay or Google Pay in order to pay with your smartphone—which comes in handy if you forgot your card at home.

Can I get a Maestro card with my N26 account?

Residents in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria can also order a Maestro card to accompany their primary debit Mastercard.

Mastercard vs Visa—what’s the difference?

Mastercard and Visa are both payment networks. They don’t, however, issue cards—only a bank can do that. Mastercard and Visa cards don’t differ much on their own and are accepted by most merchants, but the kind of card you have can differ when it comes to your APR, perks and benefits, and more, depending on your bank account.

Is a Mastercard always a credit card?

In short, no. A bank can issue Mastercards either as a debit card or as a credit card. As a credit card holder, you'll be billed for purchases made with the card at the end of the month. A debit card, however, is linked to your checking account and the money is withdrawn as soon as you make a purchase. Mastercard also offers prepaid cards that aren’t linked to your bank account—simply top them up with funds when you need to use them.

What’s a Mastercard Gold?

A Mastercard Gold offers a number of advantages compared to a Mastercard Standard. These can range from additional insurances such as purchase insurance or a higher limit for cash withdrawals. The exact features are determined by the issuing bank.

What’s a Mastercard Platinum?

Mastercard Platinum is Mastercard’s premium product, which offers you even more benefits than Mastercard Gold. The included benefits ranging from extensive insurance benefits to the concierge service, which supports you when planning and booking trips. However, before you order your Mastercard Platinum, you should find out which services the issuing bank offers, as they may differ.

What’s a World Mastercard?

A World Mastercard is a card that comes with services such as security features, travel benefits and access to 24/7 service hotlines. However, as with other cards, the precise features will vary depending on which bank issues the card.

What’s a World Elite Mastercard?

The World Elite Mastercard is a premium credit card that offers numerous benefits to its card holders. Whether it's comprehensive insurance benefits, free access to airport lounges, or a concierge service for travel and business—if you have the privilege to own a World Elite Mastercard, you can benefit from many exclusive perks.