Manage your money with N26 Spaces

Go premium, and get 10 additional sub-accounts with individual IBANs. Stay on top of your bills, send and receive money, save easily, and find a better way to budget—all in one place on your smartphone.
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Sub-accounts for whatever your need

Organizing your money, or simply saving up for that big purchase? As a premium feature, N26 Spaces lets you create up to 10 additional sub-accounts that sit alongside your main account. Get a unique IBAN for each space, and easily send and receive payments directly in your sub-accounts. It’s a fast, flexible way to put money aside whenever you want.
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Share money with friends and family

Enjoy a better way to save and manage money with others, thanks to Shared Spaces. As a premium customer, create shared sub-accounts and invite up to 10 participants to join and manage funds together.
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Pay from a Space and stay in control

Instantly link your virtual or physical Mastercard to a Space—and switch it up as often as you like. So whether you’re off to a wild bachelorette party or a bucket-list adventure, you’ll only be able to spend what’s in the linked Space. Relax, everything’s under control.
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Budget automatically with Rules

Always forgetting to put money aside for your expenses? Use Rules to set up recurring transfers between your main account and your spaces. Simply set the amount and frequency, then relax—Rules will do the saving for you.

Less life admin, more living.

Spending hours keeping up with your bills and subscription payments? Spaces can help. On payday, move some money into Spaces with IBANs to cover your bills. Then pay automatically via direct debit, or set up repeat transfers for each month! You’ll never forget a bill—and you’ll have more time for what you love. Win-win.
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Spend to save with Round-Ups

To reach your financial goals even faster, get your card purchases rounded-up to the next euro. We’ll stash away the spare change to your chosen space—it’s the easiest way to save.

Get the most out of your money with Spaces

Move money between spaces

Organize your funds your way—in real time. Each space is a separate sub-account, and you can make instant transfers between them with a simple drag-and-drop in your N26 app.

Send and receive payments

Get up to 10 Spaces with individual IBANs. Easily send or receive SEPA transfers, set up standing orders for recurring payments, or pay bills via direct debit—right from each space.

Get a complete overview

Keeping track of multiple saving goals? Each space lets you set a target amount, and shows you how close you are to reaching your goal. It’s easy to stay motivated with N26 Spaces.

Set yourself an allowance

Put money aside into a space to avoid spending it. Only your main account is attached to your card, so leave yourself an allowance and tuck away the rest. Out of sight, out of mind.

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Save and budget with N26 Spaces

New customer? Sign up for an N26 premium account to better manage your bills, save easily, and budget like a pro. And if you already have one, simply log into your N26 app or N26 WebApp to create your first space.


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