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The free business bank account for freelancers

Being self-employed means you’ve got to do it all—including handling your business finances. N26 can help. Introducing N26 Business Standard, the free business bank account for freelancers. Manage all your money in one convenient place, and get 0.1% cashback. Best of all, it’s absolutely free. Up to €50,000 balance, no deposit fee applies.

N26 banking app for freelancers showing a virtual mastercard on a light green background.
Business virtual card.

Your free virtual N26 Mastercard

As soon as you open your free business bank account, you’ll receive your virtual N26 Mastercard, right on your smartphone. Link the virtual card to Apple Pay or Google Pay and start making payments online, in stores, or in-apps. You can even make 3 free ATM withdrawals per month in Germany at any ATM equipped with a contactless reader.

Nostalgic for plastic? Order your own physical Mastercard directly from the N26 app for just a €10 delivery fee.

Enjoy 0.1% cashback every month

Reinvest in your business every time you spend, with 0.1% cashback for every payment you make with your N26 Mastercard. We’ll total up what you’ve earned every month and deposit it back into your account, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Business cashback.

Your free business bank account

No hidden fees

Enjoy transparent online banking with no account maintenance fees, minimum deposit amounts, or cash withdrawal fees. We may charge a 0.5% p.a. deposit fee for account balances over €50,000.

Always secure

The N26 Mastercard linked to your free business bank account uses 3D Secure—a 2-factor authentication process that makes online payments even safer.

#Tag your transactions

Categorize your business expenses with custom, individual hashtags so you can find them more easily later on.

Deposit protection up to €100,000

N26 is a fully licensed European bank. Thanks to the statutory Deposit Protection Scheme, the money in your online business account is covered at all times up to €100,000.

Instant payment.

Get paid faster with SEPA and MoneyBeam

Get paid instantly with MoneyBeam, the unique feature that lets you send, transfer, and request money among other N26 customers for free. All you need is their phone number or email address. Or, enjoy the speed of SEPA Instant Credit transfers, which allow you to accept payments from other banks in a matter of seconds.

Plus, stay on top of your incoming and outgoing funds with instant push notifications, alerting you every time money leaves or enters your free business bank account.

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Plan ahead with N26—save money with Spaces

Putting money aside to settle your taxes, or for a pending project? Use Spaces to manage your finances in sub-accounts and save funds in a few taps—this feature is available to N26 premium customers.

Create up to 10 Spaces, name them, and start saving for different purposes. You can also schedule recurring transfers with Rules, or use the Round-Ups feature to round-up your card purchases to the nearest euro, and stash the difference.

Manage sub-accounts with N26 Spaces

Print your transactions list

We're mobile, but for easier tax returns and invoicing, export and download your transaction list as CSV or PDF files for easy printing.

Banking on the big screen

First, sign up to N26 using the mobile app. Then, you can use the web application to view your account from a desktop or other device.

Sort your expenses with Statistics

The Statistics feature is the ideal way to get an overview of your business expenses. It uses AI to automatically categorize every transaction in your free business bank account, then presents it in an easy-to-read chart. View your spending at a glance and learn how to optimize your budget for the month ahead.

Invest in yourself with N26 Business Metal

Discover our most premium account with 0.5% cashback on all purchases, fee-free payments in all currencies, and a travel, lifestyle and mobility insurance package for extra peace of mind.

Get N26 Business Metal

Our Customer Support speaks your language

Have a question about your free business bank account or your virtual N26 Mastercard? Whatever you need to know, our Customer Support specialists are there to assist you in German, English, French, Spanish, or Italian. Simply get in touch via the in-app chat function or browse the Support Center for answers to FAQs.

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Discover smarter business banking with N26 Business Smart

Manage your business finances better with N26 Business Smart. Enjoy 0.1% cashback on all purchases made with your colorful Mastercard, and get customer phone support, free ATM withdrawals, plus 10 extra Spaces sub-accounts to easily set money aside for upcoming expenses, taxes, savings goals and more. With Shared Spaces, you’ll even be able to manage funds together with others.

N26 Business Card.
Black N26 Business Metal card.
N26 You Business Card, Ocean.

Find the right bank account for your business

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Explore our premium business accounts, with features like Spaces sub-accounts to save for different projects and even more cashback. Whichever option you choose, you can open your new business bank account in under 10 minutes. Visit our plans page to find the perfect fit for your business.

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