N26 Smart

The bank account that gives you more control

Discover N26 Smart, the bank account with powerful features to help you spend and save with confidence. Sign up in minutes right from your smartphone—no paperwork required.

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hand holding a N26 debit card with the words "Spend" and "Save" in the background.

Your colorful Mastercard, accepted worldwide

Compliment your style with a colorful Mastercard debit card, available in 5 stunning colors—Ocean, Sand, Rhubarb, Aqua or Slate. Enjoy 5 free ATM withdrawals each month, plus zero foreign transaction fees when you pay in another currency. Simply add your new N26 Smart debit card to Apple Pay or Google Pay, and start spending before your physical card arrives.

Discover your Mastercard

Start earning interest

No deposit limits,* simple conditions, and full flexibility. Discover N26 Instant Savings, the easy-access savings account available at no extra cost in the N26 app.

N26 Smart customers get 2.26% p.a.** interest on their savings.

More about the Instant Savings account
Mobile showing N26 saving account interface with a 2.26% interest rate.

*The money in your bank accounts — including N26 Instant Savings — is protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

**The interest rates vary based on your membership: 2.6% p.a. for Metal, 2.26% p.a. for You and Smart, and 1.26% p.a. for Standard accounts. Please note that regular rates per membership are subject to change over time.

image of two N26 subaccount showing the "main account" and "Back to college" spaces to budget money.

Get smart about your finances with Spaces sub-accounts

Effortlessly organize your money in 10 Spaces sub-accounts, each with its own IBAN. Easily put money aside from your main account in a few taps, then create standing orders for recurring payments, pay your bills via direct debit, or send and receive SEPA transfers—directly from each sub-account.

Saving for a dream purchase? Save with up to 10 others in a Shared Space, or try Round-Ups to reach your goals even faster. We'll help you stash away the spare change whenever you pay by card.

Discover Spaces

Stay on top of your finances with Spaces

Pay via card from your Spaces

Keep track of your expenses by linking your N26 Mastercard to a Space of your choice—and easily set and stick to your holiday budget.

10 sub-accounts with individual IBANs

Receive and make SEPA transfers or set up direct debits and standing orders to pay subscriptions, invoices, or your rent—directly from your Spaces.

Save automatically with Round-Ups

Save money regularly—and without even noticing—by activating Round-Ups. Every time you pay with your card you’ll save the change in a Space of your choice.

Automatically sort your income into Spaces

With Income Sorter, you can automatically set aside a portion of your incoming transfers into your Spaces. Put aside enough money for bills and your next vacation without having to think about it.

8 minutes
to open a bank account
Customer support
7 days a week
Deposit guarantee scheme
of up to €100,000
A full banking license
since 2016

Master your spending with Insights

Meet N26 Insights, the smart feature in your N26 app that automatically categorizes your payments in real time. Instantly see if you’re spending more than usual on shopping, groceries, and more—all it takes is a quick glance to stay on track with your monthly budget. See where your money went last month with the Monthly Wrap-Up, so you can fine-tune your spending habits. Plus, with a clear overview of your upcoming regular payments, it’s easy to plan ahead and stay on top of your finances.

Learn about budgeting

Treat yourself with N26 Perks

Sign up for N26 Smart, and unlock access to special offers from world-class partner brands. With new deals from the likes of Booking.com, Adidas, and HelloFresh, benefit from generous discounts all year round.

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Simple. Fast. 100% flexible.

Forget waiting in line at a bank, or inconvenient branch opening hours. An N26 Smart bank account offers 100% mobile banking so you can manage your money from anywhere, at any time. Access your bank account from the N26 app on your smartphone or the WebApp on desktop, 24/7. No paperwork, no waiting, no hassle.

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Customer Support for premium customers

Whether it’s a question or a technical issue, our N26 Customer Support specialists are always happy to help out in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish. Simply contact us via the in-app chat, or reach us on our hotline as a premium N26 customer—we’re there for you 7 days a week. You can also visit the N26 Support Center to find helpful tips at any time.

Visit our Support Center

Secure online banking

Protected up to €100,000

With N26’s German banking license, your money is fully protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Protection Scheme.

3D Secure

Safely shop online thanks to Mastercard 3D Secure—the 2-factor authentication step that adds an extra layer of protection.

Instant push notifications

Immediately receive alerts on your smartphone after each transaction. With N26 Smart, you’ll always know what’s coming in and out of your bank account.

Biometric identification

Securely log in to your bank account with fingerprint identification or FaceID, so no one can access your bank account unless it’s really you.

N26 You card, Petrol.

Spend and save with confidence

Discover premium banking with innovative features that help you to spend and save with confidence—for only €4.90 a month! Open your N26 Smart bank account in just a few minutes, directly from your smartphone, or via the N26 WebApp on desktop. No paperwork required.


What do I need to open my N26 Smart account?

Simply open your N26 Smart bank account via the N26 app on your smartphone or using the N26 WebApp on desktop. You must meet the following criteria:

  • You’re minimum 18 years of age,
  • You’re a resident of one of the supported countries,
  • You have a compatible smartphone,
  • You don’t have an account with N26 yet,
  • You have a supported ID document on hand, which is valid in your country of residence.
  • You’re able to verify yourself in one of our supported languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, or French.

Find more information here.

How do I open my N26 Smart account?

To open your N26 Smart bank account, you must meet the eligibility criteria. If you do, you can simply register via the N26 WebApp on desktop or the N26 app on your smartphone. It only takes 8 minutes to open a bank account, and there’s no paperwork involved. You may start using your account right away once your identity is verified.

For more information on how to open your N26 Smart account, and a list of your required documents, visit our Support Center.

How long does it take to open a bank account with N26?

You can open your mobile N26 account online in minutes from your phone or the N26 WebApp—no paperwork or waiting times. But best of all: Once your N26 bank account is active, you can start using it right away. This means you can start spending with your virtual card as soon as your account is set up, and you don't have to wait for your physical card to arrive.

What are the benefits of an N26 Smart account?

N26 Smart is a premium bank account that comes with an N26 Mastercard debit card, 5 free ATM withdrawals per month in Germany, and no foreign transaction fees. Furthermore, as an N26 Smart customer you’ll have access to exclusive partner perks and innovative banking features that make saving and managing your finances easier. Thanks to Insights, you’ll also always have a detailed overview of all your spending. You can create up to 10 sub-accounts with Spaces, including Shared Spaces to save and spend with others. You can find the full details in the N26 Smart Terms & Conditions.

How much does N26 Smart cost?

The N26 Smart bank account is a yearly subscription and costs €4.90 a month.

What are Spaces sub-accounts, and how can I use them?

N26 Spaces are sub-accounts that sit alongside your main account, giving you an easy way to manage your finances. As a premium customer, create up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts with IBANs in an instant, and effortlessly put money aside for your savings goals, upcoming expenses, or even an emergency fund. Of course, how you use your spaces is up to you — it’s not necessary to add an IBAN to each space if you don’t need one.

With unique IBANs for each Spaces sub-account, you can receive SEPA bank transfers and pay via direct debit — right from each space. Try using Rules to automatically set your bill money aside to a space, then pay via direct debit from your sub-account. With your monthly expenses taken care of, you can relax knowing that you won’t overspend in your main account.

If you want to save and spend as a group, simply create a Shared Space, and manage funds together with up to 10 other N26 customers. However, please note that an IBAN cannot be added to a Shared Space for now. Stay tuned for more updates to come! Find out more about Spaces and Shared Spaces here.

How many bank accounts am I allowed to have?

With N26, you can only have one active account in your name. Currently, it’s not possible to have two N26 accounts under the same name. This means that you can’t have a private N26 bank account and an N26 business account at the same time.

How can I switch my bank account to N26?

N26 offers a free account switching service through our partner, finleap connect. Requesting to switch takes only 10 minutes, and you can switch your bank account to N26 from almost every bank in Germany! Simply type in the name of your current bank on our account switching service page. Don't wait—discover today how easy it is to change banks with our service.

Is there a bonus for referring a friend to N26?

You love your mobile N26 bank account so much that you want to invite friends to discover the benefits of N26 too? In Germany, you can invite others to N26 and receive a bonus if they open an account. Go to My account > Useful actions > Invite your friends in your N26 app to get your invite link and learn more. Share your link with anyone you want to introduce to N26, so they can use it to open their new bank account. Find more information on our website.

Can I open a bank account with N26 that comes with a credit card?

Looking for a bank account that includes a credit card? This isn’t something that we offer at the moment—our mobile bank accounts come with debit cards. With an N26 debit card, you can pay online, in apps, and in stores, as well as withdraw cash free-of-charge at ATMs throughout Germany. Link your N26 card to Apple Pay or Google Pay and easily pay with your phone. Just like a credit card, your Mastercard debit comes with a card number, CVC, and expiration date, but there are also a few differences. Learn more in our guide.

What kind of bank card do I get with an N26 Smart account?

Our N26 Smart account includes a physical Mastercard debit card, available in your choice of 5 stunning colors. Plus, you can also get a free virtual card with its own card number—for even more safety when you’re shopping online.