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Switching banks in just 10 minutes

Switching your bank account to N26 isn’t only straightforward, it’s also free of charge and super fast. That’s because as a fully digital bank, we won’t bother you with paperwork—all you’ll need is your desktop computer, and your bank details. Read on to find out how to switch banks digitally in just 10 minutes with the N26 bank account switching service—at no hidden fee!

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The N26 account switching service

N26 offers an account switching service, together with finleap. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open an N26 account on the N26 app or web app
  2. Head to "My Account > "Switch to N26"
  3. or the N26 bank account switching website, and log in with the bank details you want to switch
  4. finleap automatically recognizes your direct debits, incoming payments and standing orders—just pick the ones you want us to transfer to your N26 account
  5. Confirm the account switch—and you’re done!
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Is mobile banking safe?

As a fully licensed bank we value your security—that’s why there are multiple security measures that keep your money safe. Alongside 3D Secure technology that prevents unauthorized access to your bank account, you can log in to your N26 app with fingerprint identification or face recognition. And while push notifications will always keep you updated about incoming and outgoing payments, you can rest assured your deposits are protected up to €100,000 by the German deposit protection scheme.

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Switching to N26—here’s why it’s the best choice

With N26, you’ll always be on top of your finances. No need for multiple apps and excel spreadsheets that keep track of your money—thanks to the N26 Insights feature, you’ll always know exactly where your money is going. Keep track of your spending all in one place, thanks to instant push notifications, and easily put funds aside for personal projects and savings goals with Spaces sub-accounts. Ready for a better banking experience? Switch your bank account, and enjoy all the benefits of N26.

How to save money? With Spaces, of course!

Discover N26 Spaces—sub-accounts that make budgeting and saving a breeze. Just create a new space, give it a name and transfer money over from your main account with drag-and-drop—you can even create rules that automatically move funds automatically. It’s an easy, simple way to better manage your money, giving you the perfect opportunity to finally tackle those savings goals you’ve been thinking about!

Discover Spaces
N26 Premium Partners.

Partner offers, insurance and more—discover premium banking

Enjoy up to 10 sub-accounts, manage expenses together with others with Shared Spaces, and enjoy additional travel and lifestyle insurance—upgrade to a premium and get even more out of your bank account. Want to go the extra mile? Take it even further with N26 Metal! Get a 18-gram card in stainless steel, and benefit from smartphone insurance, additional perks, and a selection of bespoke partner offers—all waiting for you right in the app.

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N26 support—we’re here to help

Whether you’re experiencing technical issues, or just have a question about your bank account, we’re here to help. You can contact our team of specialists directly through the N26 app’s chat function, and discover helpful information on the Support Center, 24/7. Do you have questions about switching your bank and opening up an N26 account? You might find your answer in the FAQ below!

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How long does switching my bank account take?

Requesting to switch takes only 10 minutes. Once you’ve submitted your bank account switching request, we’ll need 5 - 7 business days to contact all your payment partners—however, sometimes these require additional time to process the changes in your bank details for future payments.

What is finleap?

Finleap connect GmbH is our partner and provides the platform for the account switching service. Using finleap through the link provided is easy, completely free of charge and 100% digital.

Which countries’ IBANs can be used?

The account switching service is only available in Germany, Austria and Spain at the moment. Other IBANs cannot be processed yet.

Are there other ways to switch my bank account?

Yes, you can also transfer all your direct debits, incoming payments and standing orders manually. This means that you have to contact all involved parties yourself. In Germany, every bank is required to offer an account switching service, however this is not free of charge most of the time.