Get extra spending power with N26 Overdraft

Activate in just 2 minutes and stay flexible with your spending. No penalty fees and transparent costs— you’ll never dread checking your account balance again.

Holiday Overdraft - N26 Overdraft
Overdraft Eligibility - N26 App


Check your eligibility in 2 minutes without any paperwork.

Overdraft Option - Icon - N26 App


New customers receive up to €1.000 while existing customers are eligible for up to €10.000.

Overdraft Interest Costs - Icon - N26 App


Your overdraft interest costs are updated daily in the app, so you always know what you owe.

Customize your Overdraft - Icon - N26 App


Set your own limit right in the app for easy control over your spending.

What is N26 Overdraft?

Overdraft is an extra line of credit for when your balance slips below zero. Think of it as a financial cushion to help get you through the month. You only pay when you use N26 Overdraft and we don’t charge penalty fees.

Manage your Overdraft - N26 Overdraft

How to get N26 Overdraft

Swipe to the Credit tab in your mobile app. Click on overdraft, check your eligibility, and accept the terms. That's it! Enjoy your new powers responsibly.

No account? Sign up in 8 minutes

Open a new N26 bank account from your phone or computer in an easy, paperless signup process.

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How does N26 Overdraft work?


Once your overdraft is active, you’ll see it in your mobile N26 App.

Set limits

Open Overdraft in your mobile N26 App. Tap and drag the semi-circle to change.

Overdraft interest

We charge a 8.9% yearly interest rate that you only pay when you use. You can track costs directly the app.

Toggle balance notification

With realtime notifications, we’ll let you know when your balance slips into the negative. Toggle to turn on and off.