N26 Overdraft

Stay financially flexible with an overdraft

Activate your overdraft with your N26 bank account – it only takes a few minutes. Adjust your Overdraft on your phone and take control over your finances. No penalty fees, and full cost transparency.


As a N26 customer, you can get an overdraft of up to €10,000.


Get an overview of your overdraft costs in your N26 app. Keep on track with transparent costs.


It only takes a minute to check whether N26 can offer you an overdraft. It’s a non-binding, straightforward process that comes without paperwork to weigh you down.


Stay in control of your money through individual, easily-adjustable limits. Your N26 account changes with you, according to your needs.

How does N26 Overdraft work?

Overdraft is the ability to overdraw your account, provided by N26. We know that sometimes the month drags on and you can fall into the red. That’s why we’re offering you the option to activate overdraft whenever you need that extra financial flexibility. Of course, we’ll only charge interest if you actually make use of your overdraft.
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How can I set up N26 Overdraft?

To set up an overdraft for your account, go to the "Explore" tab in the N26 app. Among the available financial products displayed, you’ll find Overdraft. After accepting the Terms and Conditions, as well as doing a quick eligibility check for us, you can activate your overdraft without the need for any paperwork.
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Not a N26 customer yet? Open your bank account in minutes.

Open your bank account from your smartphone or computer. Compare all available bank account plans and choose the one that fits you best. After a short, digital authorization process, you’re good to go – no paperwork needed.


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