Your salary account with N26

N26 exists to make your life easier. Stay on top of your finances and make the most of your money with real-time banking and innovative features—all with just a few taps on your smartphone. Get your free salary account in just 8 minutes and manage your money right from your smartphone.

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Your free salary account

Get your free salary account in just 8 minutes and manage your money right from your smartphone. Discover smart features that give you full control over your finances. Get a virtual Mastercard as soon as you open your account—and connect it with Apple Pay or Google Pay to start spending straight away. Prefer a physical bank card? Order it for a one-off delivery fee of €10!

Full banking license and deposit guarantee

N26 is a real bank with a full banking license. This means that your N26 salary account is always protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Protection Scheme.

We also believe in 100% transparency. N26 has no hidden fees, and we send you push notifications for every incoming and outgoing transaction—so you always know what’s happening on your account.

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How it works

  • Open your salary account in just 8 minutes

    Download the N26 app and follow the instructions to open your salary account.

  • Verify your identity

    Make sure you have a valid ID ready. With our video verification, you can confirm your identity directly from your smartphone.

  • Set N26 as your salary account

    Share your new bank details with your employer so they can transfer your salary directly to your N26 account.

  • Enjoy your N26 account!

    You're good to go! You can already top up your account and start using your virtual card.

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Stay in-the-know with Insights

Insights—one of our most popular features—automatically categorizes your spending each month, helping you budget better. This innovative feature automatically categorizes all transactions in your salary account and compares your spending to your 3-month average, so you always stay on track.

Financial products


Apply for an N26 Overdraft of up to €10,000 right in your N26 app with just a few taps. Manage all your finances directly from your smartphone, and easily keep an eye on your spending as well as your daily overdraft costs.

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Consumer credit

Want more financial flexibility? Request a loan of up to €25,000 directly in-app with N26 Credit—no paperwork involved. Compare loans and manage your payments easily right from your smartphone.

Discover N26 Credit

Flexible easy-access savings

Maximize your savings with N26 EasyFlex Savings and earn competitive daily interest rates without locking your money away. Access your funds in just 2 business days, with no minimum deposit periods. The best part? It’s completely free of charge!

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Installment loans

If you need money for an urgent purchase, you can simply get an installment loan for a payment you've made in the past. This way you can increase the funds in your N26 account quickly and stay flexible.

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Withdraw and deposit cash

Enjoy 3 free ATM withdrawals per month with N26 Standard, or get up to 8 free ATM withdrawals a month with a premium N26 account. With a handy ATM locator in your N26 app, finding your nearest cash point is a matter of seconds.

No ATMs around? You can also deposit and withdraw cash with CASH26 at over 11,900 partner retail stores in Germany. The app will generate a barcode for you to show at the cash register to deposit or withdraw cash—it’s that simple.

Security first

Push notifications in real-time

Regardless of the activity on your salary account—from direct debit payments to receiving your salary and more—you’ll always receive instant push notifications for every transaction. Just another way N26 puts you in the driver’s seat.

Personalized security settings

Your salary account—your settings. Block or unblock your card, set limits for foreign transactions, online purchases and more—right in your N26 app. And, thanks to Mastercard 3D Secure, you’ll stay protected with two-factor authentication when shopping online.

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Customer Support in your language

Our N26 specialists are available for you day and night in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Contact us via the live chat in your N26 app, or give us a ring on the priority support hotline if you’re a premium customer.

Prefer to DIY? Find answers to our most frequently asked questions in the N26 Support Center.

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Your 100% mobile salary account

N26 is flexible and convenient. Manage your finances in real-time on your smartphone. Stressed about switching banks? Thanks to our partner finleap connect, you can easily make N26 your main account—for free. Get your existing direct debit payments, standing orders, and recurring payments transferred to your new N26 account with just a few taps.

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Smartphone on a desk with the N26 app opened.

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