Using your N26 debit card abroad: No. Hidden. Fees.

When you travel you can feel like your money is disappearing down a black hole. Put a stop to that and travel with N26. N26 saves you money by eliminating common fees for using your debit card abroad. Sign up now to save on your next trip.


Paying with your N26 card when traveling

N26 doesn’t hide fees or add a foreign exchange rate. We also don’t tack on extra charges for rare currencies or for paying on the weekend. We give you the real exchange rate. Pay abroad and you’ll see the rate you’re getting in real-time.

Withdrawing money abroad is free with N26 Black. Anywhere.

N26 Black gives you free withdrawals in currencies around the globe, saving you up to 7% on fees. That means N26 Black pays for itself in just a few trips.

What that looks like

If you spend €2.000 during a vacation abroad, you may pay up to €35 in fees with other banks. If you withdraw that money in cash, the fees could skyrocket up to 85€.

Your money, your trip

With N26 you always know what you are spending while traveling. That means you can focus on enjoying your time off, not your bank account.

- Free ATM withdrawals in euros.

- Free payments in any currency with no surcharge for paying abroad.

- N26 Black/Metal: free withdrawals worldwide and comprehensive travel insurance.

- The real-time exchange rate, getting you more for your money.

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Can I withdraw money with my N26 debit card abroad?

Yes! All N26 cards let you withdraw money at foreign ATMs. It’s free with Black and Metal and standard users only have to pay 1,7% conversion fee.

Which are the N26 foreign exchange rates for paying abroad?

N26 doesn’t charge exchange markups. So you get what your money is worth, without conversion fees. We use the real exchange rate, provided by Mastercard.

Which are the N26 exchange rates for withdrawing abroad?

Premium accounts don’t pay any fees for withdrawing money. While free plans pay a one-time 1,7% on withdrawals in currencies outside the Eurozone.

What is the Mastercard exchange rate?

Mastercard bases their exchange rate on the mid-market rate, but it can be marginally higher or lower depending on a number of factors. But we don’t change our rates.

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