For freelancers and the self-employed

The free business bank account for self-starters

Discover a fully mobile banking experience for your business, thanks to N26 Business Standard. Open your account in minutes, directly on your phone, and start getting 0.1% cashback on all purchases using your virtual N26 Mastercard.
N26 banking app for freelancers showing a virtual mastercard on a light green background.

Go global with a Mastercard debit card

Open your free business account with N26, and get a free virtual Mastercard to spend with right away. Link it to your mobile wallet with just a few taps and use it wherever contactless payments are accepted—in stores, apps, online, and even NFC-enabled ATMs. You’ll even get free ATM withdrawals.Prefer a solid piece of plastic? Order a physical N26 Mastercard directly in the app for a €10 delivery fee.
Business virtual card.

Start earning interest

No deposit limits,** simple conditions, and full flexibility. Discover N26 Instant Savings, the easy-access savings account available at no extra cost in the N26 app.N26 Standard customers get 2.8%* p.a. interest on their savings. Prefer 4%* p.a.? Choose N26 Metal.
More about the Instant Savings account
Woman dressed in blue, sitting, and holding her cell phone with the N26 application open. In the foreground, image of the 2.8% p.a. interest rate, balance in the main account, and in the savings account.

Stay on top of business in real-time

MoneyBeam lets you send, receive and request money from other N26 customers with just a few taps in the app—and all in seconds!Your free business bank account also supports SEPA Instant Credit Transfers, which means you could be getting paid in just a matter of seconds if your clients select this payment option.
Instant payment.

Stocks and ETFs the simple way

How about investing in your future without having to leave your banking app? With N26, you can buy stocks and ETFs right from your phone. Get 15 free trades every month when you upgrade to N26 Metal — and 5 with N26 You.You can also set up a fully-flexible automated investment plan — available for free with all our stocks and ETFs.
Discover Stocks and ETFs
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More than a free business bank account

0.1% cashback

Spend money to make money—for every purchase with your N26 Mastercard, you’ll receive 0.1% cashback that we’ll deposit into your account every month.

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Push notifications

N26 offers instant push notifications so you’ll always know when funds enter or leave your free business bank account.

Personalized hashtags

Curious about specific expenses? Create your own hashtags and assign them to your transactions so you can see exactly where your money is going.


View your overall monthly spending at a glance. Insights automatically categorizes your spending, helping you optimize your budget.

Reach your savings goals with Spaces

Premium N26 customers have access to Spaces—sub-accounts that sit alongside your main account, and make saving money as simple as dragging and dropping it over. Set a goal for a big project or work trip, and start saving right away.Automate your savings with Rules, and create recurring transfers to avoid having to lift a finger again. Collect spare change with Round-Ups, which rounds up every card purchase to the nearest euro, then stashes the difference away in a space.
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Relax knowing your business is secure

Thanks to Mastercard 3D Secure, your online payments are protected with two-factor authentication. Enjoy an advanced level of security thanks to biometric verification via fingerprint or facial recognition, making sure no one can access your account without consent.

Deposit protection

N26 is a fully licensed European bank. This means that the balance of your free business bank account is insured up to €100,000.

Invest in yourself with N26 Business Metal

Discover our most premium account with 0.5% cashback on all purchases, fee-free payments in all currencies, and a travel, lifestyle and mobility insurance package for extra peace of mind.
Get N26 Business Metal

Our Customer Support is here for you

Whatever you need help with, you can find it in the Customer Support Center. Read up on opening an account or upgrading to premium, or speak directly with one of our Customer Service specialists. Alternatively, contact us directly via the chat in your N26 app. Our experts speak English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian and are happy to assist you.
Visit our Support Center

Business account for freelancers—N26 Business Smart

Take your business further. Enjoy phone support, 0.1% cashback on all purchases and free withdrawals at ATMs in the Eurozone. Create up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts, and find a better way to save together with business partners, thanks to Shared Spaces. It’s the ideal solution to managing business expenses, taxes, savings and budgets easily.
Get N26 Business Smart

Desktop access via N26 WebApp

Prefer to use your desktop? No worries. You can access your free business bank account on your computer via the N26 WebApp.

Transaction lists and balance statements

Tax time? Easily download your transaction list from the N26 WebApp. Balance statements can also be found and downloaded directly from the N26 app.

n26 standard card.
n26 metal card.
n26 you card.

Open your free business bank account

At N26, signing up to a business bank account only takes a few minutes. As a premium customer, get access to additional innovative features, higher cashback, and extensive insurance. Discover our plans and the benefits they offer, and choose a bank account that’s perfectly suited to your business.

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*The interest rates are based on your N26 membership: 2.8% for Standard, Smart, and You, and 4% for Metal. The interest rates are variable and subject to change in the future. ** The money in your bank accounts — including N26 Instant Savings — is protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme.