N26 Installments: Buy now, pay later

Going on a spontaneous trip, buying a last-minute gift, or quickly need some extra cash? We get it—things can change fast when it comes to your money.Free up cash in seconds with N26 Installments. Simply split eligible past purchases into monthly installments, and instantly get money back to spend how you like. No waiting, no hidden fees, no problem.

Instantly free up cash

Paid for something in the last four weeks that costs between €20 up to €1000? Split eligible purchases into three to six monthly deferred payments, and pay them back over time with an effective annual interest rate of 8.99% to 19.49%, depending on your internal credit score. We'll put the money into your account straight away, and we'll take the first installment one month later.
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No waiting, no hassle

Unlike credit cards, there’s no need to fill out long application forms or even provide extra documents. N26 Installment loans are pre-approved for eligible customers, so you can free up cash in seconds—right in your N26 app.
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Choose from a wide range of purchases

Whether you’ve booked flights, train tickets and hotel rooms, or bought electronics, furniture, and even a fabulous new statement piece—you can split a wide range of eligible purchases into installments. Best of all, you can split multiple purchases—as long as the total is less than €1000. We’ll send you an alert if you’ve made an eligible purchase, so you can get started right away. For more information, dive into the T&Cs.
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100% transparency at every step

Let’s face it—nobody likes hidden fees. Enjoy no set-up fees, no service fees, and no late fees with N26 Installments. You’ll get an upfront overview of the effective annual interest rate and monthly payments before you go ahead—and we’ll always send you a reminder before your payment’s due. You’re always in control.
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Getting started is easy

To split an eligible purchase*, open your N26 app and follow these steps:
  1. Go to the ‘Explore’ tab and scroll down to ‘Financial Products’
  2. Select ‘N26 Installments’ and tap ‘Split a purchase’
  3. Confirm your payment plan — and that’s it!
We'll pay you the full amount right away, and we'll take the first installment a month later. Don't see N26 Installments in your app?** Try updating it to the latest version.

*Disclaimer: For illustration purposes only. The effective annual interest rate range is from 8.99% to 19.49%, depending on the internal credit score. **N26 Installments is currently only available for eligible customers who opened their account in Germany. If you can’t find it yet, please update your app to the latest version, keep using your N26 account, and check again later to see if you’re eligible.
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Flexible banking at your fingertips

Smart features like N26 Installments are just one of the reasons over 7 million customers choose to bank with N26. Manage your money like a pro with one of our premium bank accounts, or try N26 Standard, our free bank account. Ready to discover digital banking? Sign up now in minutes—directly from your phone!


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