N26 Standard

Your 100% mobile, free bank account

Transfer, receive, and manage your money via the mobile N26 app. Open your free bank account, including a Mastercard, in just 8 minutes—directly from your smartphone. No paperwork, stress, or waiting times. Just intuitive, easy mobile banking that works.

Standard N26 card on top of a brick.
Mobile showing N26 saving account interface with a 2.26% interest rate.

Start earning interest

No deposit limits,* simple conditions, and full flexibility. Discover N26 Instant Savings, the easy-access savings account available at no extra cost in the N26 app.

N26 Standard customers get 1.26% p.a.** interest on their savings. 

More about the Instant Savings account

*The money in your bank accounts — including N26 Instant Savings — is protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

**The interest rates vary based on your membership: 2.6% p.a. for Metal, 2.26% p.a. for You and Smart, and 1.26% p.a. for Standard accounts. Please note that regular rates per membership are subject to change over time.

Your virtual N26 Mastercard, accepted worldwide

Your free bank account comes with a virtual N26 Mastercard—you can start using it as soon as your account is set up. Link it to Apple Pay or Google Pay to make payments in stores, online, or in apps. And if you need cash, make up to 3 free withdrawals per month—simply find your nearest ATM equipped with a contactless reader.

Prefer plastic? No problem. Order your own transparent N26 Mastercard straight from your N26 app for a one-time delivery fee of €10.

Virtual card.
Instant payment.

Instant bank transfers made easy

Your free bank account comes with MoneyBeam, the feature that lets you send, receive, and request money instantly with other N26 customers. You don’t even need their bank details—just a phone number or email address will do!

Need to get money into your N26 account urgently? Your N26 Standard bank account is able to receive SEPA Instant Credit transfers from other banks, so you’ll have the money in your account in seconds.

Learn about Instant payments

Relax with full security

Mastercard 3D Secure

Shop online securely and comfortably with Mastercard 3D Secure—two-factor authentication keeps your account safe from unwanted transactions.

Push notifications in real-time

Get an instant push notification every time money enters or leaves your account, so you always know what’s going on with your balance.

Biometric authentication

Add an extra layer of security every time you log in to your N26 app with fingerprint identification or facial recognition.

Protection up to €100,000

N26 is a fully licensed German bank. Thanks to the statutory Deposit Protection Scheme, the money in your free bank account is protected up to €100,000.

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Customer Support you can rely on

Do you have a question about your free bank account? Whatever the issue, our skilled Customer Support team is happy to assist you—in German, English, Spanish, French, or Italian! Just use the in-app chat function in your N26 app or browse through the FAQs in our Support Center.

Visit our Support Center

Understand your spending with Insights

Learn exactly where your money’s going every month with Insights. This feature categorizes all your expenses automatically and displays them to you in a neat overview, so you can learn how to optimize your budget and save money in the future.

Plus, find out exactly where you spend the most every month with Monthly Wrap-Up, and adjust your spending habits to budget smarter and save even more.

Open online bank account

Free account switching

Many don’t switch their bank, even though they’ve been unhappy for a while. Why? Because it’s too complicated. Together with finleap we do all the work for you: finleap automatically transfers all your standing orders, direct debits and incoming payments to your new N26 account, for free! Discover how you can easily change banks in just a few steps.

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Reach your savings goals with Spaces

Finally, make saving second nature with Spaces. With any N26 premium account, you’ll get 10 Spaces sub-accounts. Give each one a unique name and savings goal, and instantly add money from your main account with just a few taps.

Create a standing order with Rules to automatically transfer savings amounts to a space. Or try Round-Ups, the feature that rounds up every card payment to the nearest euro and stashes away the difference.

Manage your money with Spaces

N26 Smart—spend and save with confidence

Discover N26 Smart, our newest premium bank account. Unlock access to 10 Spaces sub-accounts, including Shared Spaces to easily save together with others. Plus, get a colorful Mastercard debit card, 5 free ATM withdrawals in Germany, unlimited free ATM withdrawals while traveling within the Eurozone, and zero foreign transaction fees when spending in foreign currencies. And if you ever need help, we’ll always only be a dial away with your premium Customer Support hotline.

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N26 Metal - Charcoal Black.
Transparent N26 Standard card.
N26 You card, Petrol.

An account that fits in with you

Ready to discover mobile banking? Compare our bank accounts now to find the one that fits you best. Choose between our free standard account and the N26 premium accounts, or opt for a business account if you’re a freelancer. Open your account directly on your smartphone in less than 8 minutes and discover modern banking.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to open a free bank account with N26?

You must meet the following requirements to open an N26 Standard account:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Live in an eligible country
  • Have your own smartphone
  • Not yet have an online account with N26
  • Have a valid ID
  • Are able to verify yourself in one of our supported languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, or French.

Find more information about opening an account here.

How can I open a free bank account with N26?

First, you must meet all the requirements to open your free bank account with N26. If you do meet all the requirements, then simply sign up for your account via the N26 website or download the app on your smartphone.

There’s no paperwork when you open your N26 Standard online account and it only takes a few minutes. Just have your valid ID on hand. As soon as you’ve verified your identity, you’ll receive your virtual N26 Mastercard and can start using it right away.

What are the benefits of the free bank account from N26?

N26 Standard is a 100% mobile, free bank account that allows you to manage your daily finances all in one place. Transfer, receive, and manage your money online whenever and wherever you are. Accept SEPA Instant Credit transfers from other banks at no extra cost and see the money in your N26 Standard account in seconds. Plus, MoneyBeam lets you send, receive, and request money among other N26 customers, all in real time and completely free.

As soon as you open your account, you’ll receive your virtual N26 Mastercard. Link it to Apple Pay or Google pay and use it for contactless payments in stores, online, or in apps. You can even make up to 3 free ATM withdrawals per month at any ATM equipped with a contactless reader. What’s more, you’ll never be charged an extra fee for paying in a foreign currency. If you'd rather have a physical debit card, that's no problem—just order your transparent N26 Mastercard for a one-time delivery fee of €10.

Plus, thanks to the Insights feature, you'll also learn more about your spending habits, which can help you manage your finances even better.

How much does the N26 Standard online account cost?

N26 Standard is a free bank account. There are no account maintenance fees or minimum deposit amounts for this online account.

Which German bank can I switch from?

You can easily switch your bank account to N26 from almost every German bank! Just type in the name of your current bank, whether it’s comdirect, ING, DKB, Sparkasse or Volksbank. Discover how to switch banks with our tool to facilitate the process.

Which account is free at N26?

At N26 we offer the free N26 Standard account. You get an account with no maintenance fees or minimum balance. You also get a Virtual Mastercard, which you can use for online purchases and mobile payments via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

You also have the option to open an N26 Premium account and get access to more features and benefits. N26 Smart lets you add up to 10 sub-accounts and use innovative savings features, while N26 You offers travel insurance and free international withdrawals. And with N26 Metal, you get our ultimate premium account, including an elegant stainless steel Mastercard and smartphone insurance coverage.

Open your fully mobile, online bank account in just 8 minutes—directly from your phone—and start banking from anywhere.

Is N26 Standard a free bank account?

Yes—with N26 Standard, you get a bank account without any maintenance fees. This means that you don’t pay a monthly fee for the account, although you may also incur other costs when using your N26 account. For example, there might be costs for an overdraft interest payment or chargeback fees for direct debits that bounce. That means that the costs for your N26 account depend on how you use your account and which services you use.

I’m looking for a bank account with no fees. Is N26 Standard right for me?

If you choose an N26 Standard account, you'll get a bank account with no monthly maintenance fees and no minimum deposit. However, with an N26 account, fees may apply for various services. These include, for example, fees for direct debits that bounce or the interest that accrues on an overdraft. You can find more information about the costs of our accounts and services in our detailed price list.

I’m looking for a bank that doesn’t charge account fees. Is N26 the right online bank for me?

If you’re looking for an account with no maintenance fees, our N26 Standard account is perfect for you. You'll benefit from a fully mobile bank account with a Virtual Mastercard that you can use to pay via Apple Pay or Google Pay—both online and in stores. You'll also enjoy access to the Insights feature, which helps you keep better track of your spending and find places where you can save more.