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Want to build your own camper van, renovate your kitchen, or plan your dream wedding? Whatever your dream, get a loan of up to €25,000 with N26 Credit in minutes and kickstart your goals. Use our loan calculator in the N26 app to get your quote now—no paperwork needed!

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Turn dreams into reality today

Why wait for the future when you can start now? With N26 Credit, get a loan of €1,000 to €25,000 in minutes with zero paperwork. Use the loan payment calculator in the N26 app to find a quote that suits you best, and start living your dreams.

Stay flexible with monthly payment plans ranging from 6 to 84 months, and easily keep track of your money with our free mobile bank account. It's really as simple as that.

Get a quote instantly

Whether it’s for your studies or a well-deserved break, find the perfect loan with N26 Credit. Get your individual, non-binding loan offer based on your profile and credit history in minutes.

Your loan, your terms

With plans ranging from 6 to 84 months and effective interest rates starting at 1.99% p.a., your loan is up to you. Easily check and adjust your monthly payments with the loan calculator in the N26 app.

Paperless and transparent

After careful review, confirm your payment plan with an electronic signature. Avoid paperwork while still keeping track of your finances with our transparent loans.

Loan payments, directly in your account

Regardless of whether your loan is provided through N26 or auxmoney, you will automatically receive the money into your N26 account.

Get your non-binding loan offer in just a few minutes

You can get your loan offer in just a few minutes without any obligations. Go to the "Explore" tab in the app and scroll down to the financial products section. Under the heading "Credit," you can check your credit rating within seconds. We’ll make an individual offer for you – take your time to review it.

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Your N26 Credit loan with auxmoney

To bring you even more loan options, we’ve partnered with Germany’s leading loan marketplace, auxmoney. Just like N26, auxmoney is paperless, transparent, and designed to make the process as easy as possible—so your loan is in good hands.

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Stay flexible with N26 Overdraft

Life is full of surprises—and we know that sometimes, you can fall into the red towards the end of the month. That’s why you can activate an overdraft for your N26 account with a few taps, and adjust the limits as you go. Of course, we’ll only charge interest if you actually make use of your overdraft. Learn more about the available credit limits, costs, and conditions now.

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Not a customer yet? Open your N26 account in 8 minutes

Ready to try N26 Credit? Compare our plans now and open your N26 account online in just 8 minutes—all you need is your phone, ID, and some WiFi. It’s time to turn your dreams into reality with N26 Credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do loans work?

A loan is an amount of money that you borrow, which is then paid back over time with added interest on top. When you first take out your loan, you can choose how many months your loan will last, and how much you’ll have to pay back each month. With N26 Credit, you can get a personal loan of €1,000 to €25,000 directly in the N26 app, and pay it back over 6 to 60 months.

How does N26 calculate my loan interest rate?

Your personal loan offer and the interest rate is based on 1) The amount you’d like to borrow, 2) the repayment period, and 3) your credit rating. Depending on these factors, N26 Credit offers effective interest rates starting from 1.99% p.a. You can request and compare your personal loan offers in the N26 app at your own pace, before making a decision.

Can I get a loan without a credit rating?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer you a loan without knowing your Schufa credit score.

Will my loan request be shown on my Schufa credit score?

The request will be noted in your Schufa credit report for one year. But rest assured—this will not have any negative impact on your SCHUFA credit score.

How much money will I get?

The total amount of your N26 Credit loan depends on the details you provide, as well as your credit rating. We offer personal loans ranging from €1,000 to €25,000. To find out the exact effective interest rate and your monthly payment amount, simply use the loan payment calculator in the N26 app.

How long does it take N26 to grant my loan request?

With N26 Credit, you’ll receive your loan offer in just a few minutes. Please note that this is not an instant confirmation of your loan request. Once you’ve reviewed the offer and want to accept it, you can electronically sign the loan agreement—and your N26 Credit loan will usually be paid out within one hour. If your offer is made by our partner auxmoney, you’ll receive your loan credit in your N26 account approximately three working days after the offer has been electronically signed. You’ll also receive a push notification once the amount has been added to your N26 account.

Why did I get my N26 Credit loan from auxmoney?

auxmoney is a credit marketplace based in Germany, which we have integrated into N26 Credit in order to be able to offer more customers loans when they need them. We chose auxmoney because the company uses a straightforward, paperless system for lending money, making the process as easy and transparent as possible.

How big of a loan can I afford?

This depends on your financial situation. With N26 Credit, you can get a loan of up to €25,000 and choose a payment plan ranging from 6 to 84 months. Depending on the amount and the terms of the loan, your monthly repayments can be as little as €18.** To calculate how much you can afford to pay back each month, try creating a budget based on your monthly expenses.

Legal Notice

Representative fixed rate loan example acc. to § 6a Preisangabenangabenverordnung.

Example for monthly payments starting at €18

The example shown refers to loans provided by N26 Bank GmbH at Rungestr. 22 (3. Hinterhof), 10179 Berlinfor a loan of €1,000 at nominal interest rate of 1.99% p.a. and effective interest rate of 2.01% p.a. to be reimbursed over the period of 60 months. Monthly instalments: €17.52. Total cost of the loan: €51.46. Total amount to be repayed: €1,051.46.

Example for Credit calculator

The example shown refers to loans provided by N26 Bank GmbH at Rungestr. 22 (3. Hinterhof), 10179 Berlin for a loan of €5,000 at nominal interest rate of 4.5% p.a. and effective interest rate of 4.6% p.a. to be reimbursed over the period of 48 months. Monthly instalments: €114.02. Total cost of the loan: €473.18. Total amount to be repayed: €5,473.18.