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Are you wondering how much purchasing power your money is losing due to the current inflation? With our personal inflation calculator you can easily determine the effect of inflation based on currency depreciation and price increases.
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Inflation Calculator

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Measure the average price change of all goods and services purchased

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How to use the inflation calculator

Our inflation calculator determines the future price of products and your future purchasing power. All you have to do is enter the following data:
  • Choose your original amount which should be used to calculate inflation
  • Declare the inflation rate in percent (maximum 30%)
  • Choose the period in which inflation should be considered (maximum 100 years)
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  • What is inflation?
  • How does inflation arise?
  • What happens to my cash in the event of inflation?
  • What is "Future Price"?
  • What is "Future purchase power"?

Learn more about inflation

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What does inflation mean for you and your money?

With prices steadily rising, you might be wondering what the current inflation means for your savings. Here you’ll learn about the effects of inflation on your personal finances.

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When is an economy at risk of stagflation? And what does that mean exactly? Here, find out what the term means, the consequences of stagflation, and why some might even benefit from it.

What is shrinkflation? How to avoid paying more for less.

What is shrinkflation? How to avoid paying more for less

Milka bars have been getting smaller, but cost the same. And there’s a word for that: shrinkflation. We’ll help you understand this phenomenon, and what you can do to avoid paying more for less.

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