N26 You

Your international bank account for travel and everyday life

Looking for the perfect account for day-to-day life and travel abroad, all with no hidden fees? Then you’ve found it with N26 You — the travel account from N26. Open your international bank account today and get an N26 debit Mastercard in your choice of five stylish colors.

Start earning interest

No deposit limits,* simple conditions, and full flexibility. Discover N26 Instant Savings, the easy-access savings account available at no extra cost in the N26 app.N26 You customers get 2.26% p.a.** interest on their savings.
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Free trades every month

With N26 You, get 5 free monthly trades for stocks and ETFs. It’s the simple way to invest in your future without having to leave your banking app. You can also set up a fully-flexible automated investment plan — available for free with all our stocks and ETFs.
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*The money in your bank accounts — including N26 Instant Savings — is protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme. **The interest rates vary based on your membership: 4% p.a. for Metal, 2.26% p.a. for You and Smart, and 1.26% p.a. for Standard accounts. Please note that regular rates per membership are subject to change over time.

8 minutes

to open an international bank account

Priority phone support

with access to our dedicated hotline

Deposit protection

of up to €100,000

A full banking license

since 2016

Manage your money with Spaces sub-accounts

Stay on top of your finances with 10 Spaces sub-accounts, each with its own IBAN. Easily pay bills via direct debit, set up standing orders for recurring payments, send SEPA bank transfers, and receive money — right in each sub-account. Keen to save instead? Instantly put money aside to a Space from your main account to avoid spending it, or save together with up to 10 others in a Shared Space. To reach your goals even faster, turn on Round-Ups and save the spare change whenever you pay by card.
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Pay via card from your Spaces

Want to spend directly from a Space and save the hassle of transferring money back and forth? Simply link your N26 debit Mastercard to one of your Spaces in seconds. It’s fast, simple, and gives you even more control over your spending.

Sort your income into Spaces

With N26, you can automate your budget easily with Income Sorter. Automatically move either a percentage or a fixed amount of your incoming funds to one or more of your Spaces. Saving has never been so easy.

Fee-free ATM withdrawals and payments in foreign currencies

Forget foreign transaction fees for good. Withdraw cash for free in any currency from ATMs around the world, and pay using your N26 You debit Mastercard online and in stores with zero fees. You’ll also benefit from the Mastercard exchange rate, without any markups.
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Medical travel insurance icon

Travel emergencies

Get covered up to €1,000,000 for medical costs, up to €250 for dental costs, and up to €2,300 for emergency medical transportation while traveling.

Flight delay compensation icon

Baggage loss and delay

Get covered up to €500 for baggage delays of over four hours, or up to €2,000 if your baggage is stolen, goes missing, or is accidentally damaged.

Flight delay compensation icon

Travel delays

If your flight is delayed by at least two hours, you’ll get €500 in compensation — and receive €100 for each additional hour.

Trip cancellation insurance icon

Trip interruption

Get covered up to €10,000 for unused non-refundable trip costs, plus additional accommodation and transportation.

Treat yourself to premium partner offers

Your N26 You international bank account comes with hand-picked offers and discounts from brand names like Booking.com, GetYourGuide, FlixBus, and HelloFresh — all carefully curated with you and your lifestyle in mind.
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N26 Premium Partners.

Get an extra card for when you need it

Ever lost your card and had to wait days for the new one to arrive? To make your day-to-day a little bit easier, N26 You allows you to order an additional debit card to use with your personal account. This way, you’ll always have access to your cash.
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Customer Support is here for you!

Need urgent support right away? Our Customer Support team is on hand to help. Reach our specialists directly via the N26 app or the web app chat, or visit the Support Center to quickly find answers to your questions.
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Explore the world with N26 You

Open your N26 You account for €9.90 per month. Get a shiny new debit Mastercard, and spend your money at home or abroad without hidden fees while enjoying an extensive insurance package.

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*The interest rates are based on your N26 membership: 2.8% for Standard, Smart, and You, and 4% for Metal. The interest rates are variable and subject to change in the future. Interest rates p.a. are equivalent to AER in Ireland and TANB in Portugal (before taxes). **The money in your bank accounts — including N26 Instant Savings — is protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme. Allianz Logo - Updated June 2020. ***Legal Notice: You can see all the information you need to start a claim or call Allianz Global Assistance Europe in case of an emergency in the N26 app. N26 You features comprehensive insurance coverage from Allianz Global Assistance Europe (trade name of AWP P & C.S.A - Dutch branch) one of Europe's most trusted insurance companies. Mastercard offers a range of complimentary privileges as part of your N26 You World card status. Every N26 You card holder is automatically entitled to enjoy these benefits, tailored to the needs of frequent travelers and globe-trotters. If you are planning your next trip, also make sure to check out the Mastercard Priceless Cities* for exclusive events and recommendations. You only need your Mastercard to discover the most beautiful cities in the world, and your new experiences can begin.