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Get interest on your money

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New customers need to wait for their tax ID to be verified. The verification process can take up to five business days, but it usually takes only 24 hours. Make sure you meet the N26 Instant Savings eligibility requirements — check our FAQs for more information.

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What is N26 Instant Savings?

N26 Instant Savings is an easy-access savings account that’s available at no extra cost in the N26 app.

Earn interest on all your savings with no deposit limits** and instantly withdraw anytime. Win-win.

How much interest can I earn with N26?

Already an N26 customer? Your N26 Instant Savings interest rate is based on your membership: 2.6% p.a. for Metal, 2.26% p.a. for You and Smart, and 1.26% p.a. for Standard accounts. Please note that regular interest rates per membership are subject to change over time.

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Saving just got more rewarding

Grow your money

Earn up to 2.6% interest p.a. — calculated daily and paid out monthly to grow your balance automatically.

100% flexibility

No need to lock your money away. Deposit and withdraw any amount in seconds, anytime.

No extra fees

Open your N26 Instant Savings account with just a few taps in the N26 app — at no extra cost.

No deposit limits**

Add as much money as you like and earn interest on your total savings balance. The sky’s the limit**.

Interest Calculator

N26 Instant Savings

Use our interest calculator to understand how your money can grow over time with N26.

Enter your starting balance and a time period:

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Comparison Tool

Other savings account options

Now try it with the same deposit amount and a different interest rate offer — considering how long that offer is valid for.

Enter the starting balance, time period, and interest rate:

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Start earning interest

Opening your N26 Instant Savings account is easy. Not a customer yet? Sign up to N26 right from your phone.

Once you have your N26 account set up, get your tax ID verified. Then, simply head to the ‘Finances’ tab in the N26 app and tap on ‘Instant Savings’ to create your savings account.

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Your money is protected

N26 is a fully-licensed German bank. That means the money in your bank accounts — including N26 Instant Savings — is protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme. 

See how N26 is simply secure

Automate? Great!

Growing your money is easier when you automate your savings. With N26 Rules and Goals (available for all customers) or N26 Income Sorter and Round-ups (only available for N26 Smart, You and Metal customers) you can reach your goals faster by automatically moving money between your main account and your savings account. It’s a great ‘hands-off’ way to kickstart your savings.

Automate your savings
N26 saving automatization tools: Income Sorter, Goals for Spaces and Round-ups.