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5 tips for secure mobile banking

From deactivating bluetooth to locking your screen, we’ve got 5 essential tips for you to enjoy mobile banking with peace of mind.

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Is mobile banking safe? N26

There’s no doubting it—mobile banking is on the rise. In fact, one in seven smartphone users in Germany currently uses banking services on their smartphones. Mobile banking can include bank transactions such as transferring money, or checking your balance via a mobile browser or app. 

When it comes to mobile banking apps, they usually fall into two different categories: 

  1. Mobile apps specific to your bank
  2. Banking apps created by external providers to help you manage your bank account

With external providers, one disadvantage is that you’ll have to share your bank login details with the app provider, giving them complete access to your bank account. So, make sure to read user reviews of the app you’re interested in to double check if it’s trustworthy before you use it.

The N26 app combines the security of a German bank account with innovative features and a 100% mobile banking experience. To learn more about mobile banking with N26, check out this YouTube video.

Regardless of whether you’re using online or mobile banking, stay on the safe side and enjoy worry-free banking on the go with our tips for secure mobile banking. 

1. Lock your screen

To avoid giving strangers access to your smartphone, make sure to always lock your screen with a password. This prevents others from accessing your personal data, especially if you lose your smartphone.

2. Update your mobile operating system

We recommend that you regularly update the software on your smartphone. Manufacturers frequently issue software updates to protect against safety defects.

3. Download apps from official stores only

Make sure you download banking apps—and any other app for that matter—exclusively from official manufacturers’ stores, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Be wary of any new or unfamiliar apps, which can contain malware such as viruses and give access to sensitive details.

4. Be careful with WiFi and Bluetooth

We recommend that you don’t use publicly accessible WiFi connections when you log in to your bank account on your computer or smartphone. Also, it’s a good idea to deactivate your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection.

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5. Choose a secure bank

The number of mobile banking providers is growing quite steadily. But not all of them are fully licensed banks. That’s why it’s important to check the bank carefully before using their mobile banking services. And while you’re at it, have a look at the bank’s security measures and regulations.

N26 is a fully licensed bank and has a number of security features for safe mobile banking. For example, 3D Secure by Mastercard, adds an additional security layer when paying online. The 2-factor authentication allows you to log in securely into your N26 bank account each time and approve your online purchase. On top of that, the N26 app comes with a number of individual security settings, such as “discreet mode.” Learn more about all the security features at N26 here.

What is online banking?

Online or mobile banking is a process by which you can access your bank account via your computer’s browser, or a mobile app on your smartphone. You may check your balance, transfer money, and much more—all without having to go to a physical branch.

How can I bank online securely?

To keep your mobile bank account secure, you’ll need to follow a few simple guidelines. This includes locking your smartphone screen with a PIN code and regularly updating its software. Also, make sure to use only password-protected WiFi connections, deactivate your Bluetooth when possible, and only download apps from official app stores. Last, but certainly not least, vet finance providers thoroughly before using their services and make sure to choose a secure bank.

Is N26 secure?

N26 is a fully licensed bank and employs a number of security measures to protect your account. These include 3D Secure by Mastercard for online payments, 2-factor authentication for logins, as well as adjustable, in-app security settings.

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