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Get a second card for your N26 account

Good news for people who lose things – now you can order a second bank card for your N26 account. Find out how.

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If you find yourself constantly hunting for missing belongings, we’ve got great news for you. Starting today, N26 You, Business You and Metal customers can now order a second Mastercard for use with their account, so you’ll always have a spare to hand.

Extra peace of mind

Whether it’s grabbing coffee-to-go or the down-payment on a vacation, debit cards are still one of the most common ways to pay for most of us. If you ever lose you card, even a few days waiting for the new card to arrive can feel like a lifetime. That’s why it’s better to have a backup.

We’re offering customers with N26 You, Business You and Metal account memberships the chance to order a second card to be linked to their account for just €10, that can be used interchangeably with the original, so that you can keep one in your pocket and one at home – or any other safe place where you need a spare.

Your card, your way

N26 You and Business You customers can order another card in whichever of the 5 colors available – Sand, Rhubarb, Teal, Ocean and Slate – that they prefer. N26 Metal customers can also benefit from this and choose one of the N26 You design cards, which will have the exact same functionality as their original Metal card.

Discover N26 Metal

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Order yours

Ordering an extra card for your account is easy. Just open the Explore tab in your N26 app and follow these steps:

  1. Under Upgrades, click ‘Add extra card’
  2. Choose your favorite card color in either Sand, Rhubarb, Teal, Ocean or Slate.
  3. Once you confirm the shipping address, the additional card cost of €10 and agree to the Terms & Conditions, just click and enter your PIN to purchase.
  4. Your new card will be shipped to your registered address!

Sharing is caring, but...

Please note that for legal reasons, it won’t be possible to order a spare card and give it to someone else to use, since both cards would be registered under your name and attached to your N26 account. Allowing more than one person to use the same account would breach the T&C’s of your N26 user agreement, which could result in your account being closed. If you’re interested in managing everyday money together in one place with friends and family, you’ll soon be able to set up a Shared Spaces sub-account and invite up to 10 people to join instead.

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