How to organize your finances as a couple

Sharing finances in a relationship can be a wonderful thing. We’re bringing you some tips, tricks, and budgeting features that will help you fall in love with money management for two.

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Whether it’s the romantic candlelit dinner on Valentine's Day or splitting the rent—sharing finances in a relationship has many advantages. But finding the best way to organize your expenses as a couple is anything but easy. 

At N26, we’re on a mission to simplify the complex when it comes to money—which is exactly why we’ve created an array of smart features that make money management for couples as simple and quick as saying, “be mine!” 

Ready? Let’s get started.  

How to organize shared expenses and bills 

For many couples, it can be tough to get an accurate overview of your finances, especially if you maintain separate bank accounts. 

One solution? Real-time banking with N26. With our MoneyBeam feature, you can make instant payments to your contacts right in the N26 app. Send, receive, and request money in seconds—no IBAN necessary. All you’ll need is your partner’s phone number and email address, and you can send repeat payments by simply searching their name in your app. 

If your partner doesn’t have a N26 account, then try out our Split the Bill feature to divide up payments. Simply split your transaction in two, and your partner will receive an automated message with what they owe you and your account details. 

Save up with Spaces

Use N26 Spaces sub-accounts to easily organize your money and save up for your goals.
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Different N26 spaces to save money.

Shared saving goals? Meet Shared Spaces

Fantasizing about your next romantic vacation? The easiest way to make your dream getaway a reality is to start saving up. The best way to start is to set a shared savings goal and each put aside a certain amount per month. Take a look at your individual and common budgets to figure out how much money each of you can afford to save. Above all, prioritize honest and open communication—it’s essential for saving money together. 

As soon as you’ve set your budget, it’s time to start saving. But why use an old-fashioned piggy bank when you can stash your cash in a Shared Spaces sub-account

All N26 premium account holders can access this feature—and invite up to 10 other N26 users to join a space of their choosing. Use Rules to send automatic transfers to your Shared Spaces, or try Round-Ups, the feature that rounds up your card purchases to the nearest euro and stashes the extra cash in a space. Trust us, saving for a vacation has never been more fun! 

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Your finances—at a glance  

Remembering who paid what when can be a pain, and put unnecessary pressure on a relationship. So if you’re tired of transferring half the rent every month or tallying up who paid the gas bill, we’ve got a feature for you: Shared Spaces with IBANs. Simply transfer your common expenses into your shared space each month and assign a unique IBAN to it. Use it to pay for your common expenses like rent, electricity, or streaming subscriptions. 

Don’t want to go through the fuss of making a transfer? Then try Income Sorter. This feature automatically moves a set percentage of all incoming bank transfers to one of your N26 Spaces, saving you time and hassle. After all, wouldn’t you rather skip the bookkeeping and head out for a romantic dinner instead? 

Banking made easy with N26

Ready to fall in love with 100% mobile banking? Then it’s time to switch to N26. Compare our plans and find the one that fits your lifestyle best. Open your bank account in just 8 minutes—no pesky paperwork, no waiting in line at the bank branch. It’s that easy. Discover now how to switch banks with our tool to facilitate the process.

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