What is phone insurance?

Phone insurance acts like a safety net for unexpected damages to your smartphone. So whether you accidentally spill water on it, crack the screen or it gets stolen, N26 Insurance will save you from paying out-of-pocket to repair or replace your phone. Best of all, you can sign up in minutes from your N26 app, as long as your phone is less than 6 months old. With an easy, 100% digital claims process by our insurance partner simplesurance, you'll be back online and texting your friends in no time.
N26 Phone insurance app screen.

Premium insurance

Choose an N26 premium membership for insurance coverage that protects the things you value. N26 You and Metal include a package of travel insurance for lost baggage and trip cancellation, and N26 Metal-exclusive insurance covers your mobile phone and includes purchase protection.

Enjoy extra peace of mind with N26 Metal

Looking for even more coverage against the unexpected? How about an extensive insurance package that not only includes phone insurance, but also covers travel (including pandemic coverage). Our premium N26 Metal and N26 Business Metal bank accounts include up to €2,000 coverage for theft and damages to your phone—even if you didn’t pay for it with an N26 card. Plus, get a metal Mastercard, free withdrawals worldwide, and so much more.
Discover N26 Metal
Image of N26 metal black card and N26 app showing the phone insurance section.