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N26 ranks #1 on Forbes’ list of the world’s best banks

It’s time to celebrate—N26 was voted number 1 in the 2021 Forbes’ list of the world’s best banks. Find out why 43,000 people around the globe rated N26 as the best bank in the world.

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It’s time to celebrate! Together with market research and consumer data analysis firm Statista, Forbes magazine conducted a global study of 43,000 customers in 28 countries to see how satisfied they were with their banks. The results were then ranked by country. 

The outcome was indisputable—N26 was voted the world’s best bank globally, and the fourth best bank in Spain! In addition to being chosen as the world’s best bank overall, our national rankings were also pretty impressive. N26 was rated the #1 bank in Austria and Italy, the second-best bank in France, and came in 13th in Germany. You can check out the full Forbes list here.

The study ranked banks according to general customer satisfaction, as well as whether customers would recommend their banks to family and friends. Other important aspects were taken into account, such as trust, terms and conditions, customer service, financial advice, and digital services offered. The results were then used to identify and rank up to 75 leading banks in each country.

This year, Forbes gave out a record-breaking number of awards. They attribute this shift to the increased trust customers now place in their banks. Around 500 banks from across the globe have made the list of the world’s best banks, thanks to their satisfied customers. In the US alone, 75 banks have snagged a spot on the list. Japan follows with 50 banks. Five new countries have also put their banks on the map by joining the list—Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore. After seeing the competition we faced, we’re particularly proud to have come out on top.

Digital banking is here to stay

If the list of banks chosen this year has made anything clear, it’s that digital banking is gaining ground. That’s especially true in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the US. For us, this is no surprise—we’ve been promoting a fully mobile banking experience since our inception, helping our customers manage their money effortlessly and efficiently—wherever they are. Plus, we’ve always maintained that unnecessary paperwork, hidden fees, small print, and making customers stand in line at bank branches isn’t who we are.

Our approach has caught on—since our founding, over 7 million customers have put their trust in us, believing that a new type of banking is possible. And now, those same customers have helped make the N26 the world’s number one bank. Thank you. We couldn’t have done this without you.

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