How to update your phone number at N26

Learn how to securely update your phone number linked to your N26 account, directly from the app.

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Keeping your phone number updated for your N26 bank account is key, because it’s necessary for important tasks—whether it’s to connect your smartphone to your account, or to send and receive instant money transfers via MoneyBeam

That’s why we’ve improved the process to update your phone number at N26—now securely and easily change your phone number, directly within your N26 app!

  1. Log in to your N26 app, then go to My Account

  2. Select Settings, then Personal Settings

  3. Choose Personal information

  4. Tap the pencil icon next to your phone number, and enter your new number—that’s it!

Note that this personal detail change can only be confirmed from your paired device—the phone already connected to your N26 bank account—and you’ll need to have biometric authentication enabled, such as FaceID or fingerprint recognition. As a digital bank, your security is always our top priority. 

Need to update your email, address, or other personal information? Visit our Support Center here.

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