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Here’s how we’re building the most reliable customer service in the world

At N26, our customers are our priority. Learn how we’re building the most reliable customer service.

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How can you tell if a service is running smoothly? Well, it’s because it operates flawlessly from the get-go. At N26, our aim is to ensure your banking experience is seamless—but when you do encounter problems, know that we’re always on-hand to help, whether it’s through one of our customer service agents or our automated chatbot support. If an ATM eats your card, you can’t access your account, or you find yourself the victim of identity theft, we’ll be there to help you right away.

That’s why we’re always working hard to optimize the three pillars of our N26 customer service. These include our belief that “the best service is seamless service,” as well as providing you with direct access to our AI customer service chatbot and live customer support agents whenever you need it. And we’ll keep strengthening these pillars until we can provide all of our customers with the most efficient and reliable customer service in the banking industry, worldwide.

Pillar 1: “The best customer service is seamless service”

If a customer has to contact N26 customer service even once, it leaves them 20% less satisfied on average. This is why we believe that it’s better to get things right from the start.

Whether it’s opening your N26 bank account in just eight minutes, promptly delivering your card, letting you withdraw cash whenever you need it, or helping you better organize your money with Spaces, we want everything to operate like a well-oiled machine. And here’s how we do it: We closely monitor our interactions with our customers so when you encounter problems with our products or services, we can prioritize and fix recurring issues. Once we’ve solved the problem, our product development team continues to track and work on these areas until they’re absolutely perfect. All of this means that you get the best customer experience possible, and don’t have to contact us again.

Pillar 2: AI customer service support

Meet Neon – our in-house N26 customer service AI. This chatbot speaks five different languages, is available 24/7, and can answer 30% of basic customer enquiries. Our aim for the future is to firmly integrate Neon into our systems so that customers can use it to change app settings, create savings plans or receive urgent help in situations when a live agent isn’t available. You can reach Neon directly through the N26 app, or by logging into your online banking on the web.

Pillar 3: Reliable live customer service agents

We’ve all been there – you’re out and about, and suddenly realize you’ve lost your wallet. Or, maybe you don’t recognize a transaction in your account? In urgent cases, we know you’ll probably want to interact with an actual human being when you contact customer service. Thankfully, our team of more than 600 customer service agents, situated in seven locations around the world, are on-hand to help you.

On average, it takes us less than a minute to respond to your enquiry via chat. From July 2019 onwards, we’ll also expand our opening hours to 7am until 11pm, Monday to Sunday.

When you first contact our customer service team, they consider your issue a top priority. As well as training specialists to handle specific markets and requests, we’re also constantly expanding our knowledge base, overhauling key processes and investing in new technology. For instance, to contact us through in-app chat, did you know that you can now use face recognition or your fingerprint to verify your identity? What took three minutes in the past, is now possible in just 15 seconds – and it’s something that 5000 customers benefit from every day.

Three pillars, one bank, and the most streamlined customer service possible. Stay tuned for more updates from your N26 customer service team.

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