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#VanLife: the 7 best reasons to travel in a van this summer

Always wondered what it’d be like to travel and live on the road? Discover the 7 biggest advantages you can expect when you tick it off your travel bucket list.

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Traveling is a wonderful experience, but it’s another level of adventure altogether to travel and live on the road in a van. If you’ve been debating taking the plunge to experience #vanlife, it’s quite simple to get started—all you need is your driving licence, a sleeping bag, a campervan (or a car and a tent), and a thirst for adventure. 

Interested? Here are the 7 biggest reasons why traveling in a van should be on your travel bucket list this summer.

1. It’s cheaper

Being able to spend the night wherever you fancy is an obvious win, but the price of traveling in a van may not always seem like an advantage. Do you know how much it costs on average to rent a camper van? Of course, it’ll depend on the type of van, and whether you plan to travel in high season or low season. But the average price of renting a camper van is usually between €100 to €150 per day.

Now, that might not seem so cheap to begin with, but if you take into account the number of people you’ll share it with, that’ll already cut your costs to half, or even less. And keep in mind that you’re not only paying for a place to rest your head, but also for your mode of transport, a kitchen that’s available 24/7, a free private bathroom, and sometimes, even the Wi-Fi. Plus, the price usually includes unlimited mileage—depending on the rental company —which makes traveling in a van much cheaper than paying for everything individually.

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2. You have more freedom

Traveling in a van gives you complete freedom to stop, stay or go whenever you want. Have you fallen in love with a cliff overlooking the beach? Find a spot where camping is allowed, and park yourself there for the night—tomorrow will be another day to enjoy the same incredible view. Or was the hyped sunrise spot worth the early morning alarm? If yes, stay another day. If it was average, just pack up and hit the road to the next beautiful spot. It's that easy.  

3. You’ll beat the crowds

The freedom to go wherever you want comes hand-in-hand with the advantage of being able to avoid overcrowded touristic areas. When you’re traveling in a van, you’re in the driver’s seat—literally—and you can plan a smart itinerary for your day. Arrive at your destination earlier than the tourist buses, and enjoy the sights without having to wait in long queues. Or, drive to a place that’s hard to reach without a car, and you can be sure that you won’t find yourself stuck among a sea of people—just serene views, and some peace and quiet for you and your friends to enjoy.

4. It’s easy to meet new people

When you’re on the road, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll get to know many other adventurers who’ve also chosen to try out the van life. In the beginning, you may be shy or feel too inexperienced when it comes to opening up to your neighbors in the parking lot, but trust us—it’s only a matter of time.  

We bet that after two days, you’ll happily be swapping tales and sharing a few beers with  your fellow travelers. Take the opportunity to ask for their recommendations on the best routes or places they’ve camped—you might just discover a new favorite spot.

5. You can try a minimalist lifestyle

Traveling in a van is a totally unique experience. Not only for all the places you'll discover and the people you'll meet, but because spending so much time in such a small space will make you realize that you actually need very little to live happily.

The van trips will help you appreciate things that can’t be bought—a sunset on a mountain, a thunderstorm in the middle of the night, or a coffee with a view of the sea. Once you’re comfortable with a minimalist lifestyle, you can decide to sell or donate everything at home that's not essential, and travel even lighter than before.

6. You’ll learn to be at home anywhere

Downsizing and compressing your life into six square meters doesn't mean that you can't feel at home. At first, you may bump your head a few times or jab an elbow here and there, but it’s only a matter of time before you’ll adapt. 

Even when you’re traveling in a van, you can make yourself feel at home with your own personal routines and habits. Enjoy your morning coffee at your own pace, made to suit your own tastes, and spend your days moving about to the beat of your own drums. Enjoy the freedom that comes with learning to make any little space your comfortable home.

7. Reconnect with nature

Is there anything as great as spending the night in the middle of nature? You can pick your own version of paradise, where there’s no hotels, Airbnbs or hostels for the masses of tourists to flock to. Always remember to make sure that you’re parked in an area that allows camping, or you might begin your next day with the not-so-pleasant surprise of a fine on your windshield. 

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See you on the road!

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