An uncomplicated relationship. With your bank.

N26 is a bank that adapts to your life—and gives you complete control over your finances from your smartphone. Sign up now and see how #nobullshit banking can be.

Everything at a glance. Everywhere.

Whether you’re sitting in the metro or still eating breakfast in bed—you can transfer money with your N26 account and keep track of your account in real-time. With N26, the control is yours over your finances. Without ever visiting a bank branch.

Banking. But without the bullshit.

The less bureaucracy, the better the banking. That’s why we work entirely online. Get an offer for a loan or start a savings plan in just a few minutes. We give you a banking experience that is refreshingly simple.

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Your account costs €0 and comes with a free Mastercard. All together with no transaction costs. Your money belongs to you.

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