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Opening an account: how do I open an N26 account?

Create an account in the N26 app or on the N26 website first and confirm your email address. After that, verify your account directly in the app with an ID or passport and link your smartphone with your account. You’ll receive your N26 Mastercard in the mail a few days afterwards. Visit our Support Center for more information.

Identification: how do you know that I’m me?

After confirming your email address, you’ll need an accepted form of ID to prove your identity. You can either start a video call with us from the app or visit the closest post branch and show your ID there. Visit our Support Center for more information.

Delivery: how long does it take to get my N26 Mastercard?

Depending on your country, the delivery should take 4-14 days. If you need your card quickly, you can order it with express delivery. Visit our Support Center for more information.

Fees: how much does it cost to withdraw money?

With CASH26, you can withdraw money with our 9.000 partners as often as you want for free. If you want to withdraw money from an ATM, we recommend using your Mastercard. Under our Fair Use Policy, we cover the transaction fees for up to 5 withdrawals per month. Each additional withdrawal costs €2. For withdrawals using your Maestro card, we charge a fee of €2 for each withdrawal. For information outside of Germany, you can find a detailed overview here.

CASH26: how can I withdraw and deposit money?

CASH26 lets you withdraw and deposit cash at over 7.000 partners in Germany using just your smartphone. Just create a barcode in the N26 app and present it at the checkout. Partners include: REWE, Penny, real, Budni, Ludwig, Eckert, ON, Adam’s, and Barbarino. Visit our Support Center for more information.

MoneyBeam: how can I make instant transfers?

With MoneyBeam, you can send money to your contacts without their bank details. When the recipient is also an N26 customer, the transaction happens in real-time. If they aren’t an N26 customer, they’ll get an offline MoneyBeam. They’ll receive a link via text message or email where they can provide their bank details. The money will be credited to their account within two business days. We explain step-by-step how MoneyBeam works on our Support Center here.