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Discover why Forbes named N26 the world’s best bank

From instant payments to guaranteed deposits—N26 offers secure and 100% mobile banking. And those are just some of the reasons why N26 was voted the world’s best bank by Forbes. Find them all here!

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N26 is The Mobile Bank with a full German banking license that offers secure, 100% mobile banking anytime, anywhere. And even though we don’t have physical locations, we’re a fully licensed bank in Europe, so your money is protected up to €100,000 thanks to the European Deposit Guarantee Scheme. 

What’s the difference between N26 and traditional banks? With N26, you get banking with innovative features that help you save and manage your money with ease—right from your phone. And no hidden fees. Read on to learn more about why N26 is the best bank for you.

Forbes’ number 1 bank

N26 is the first bank you’ll love. Founded by Maximilian Tayenthal and Valentin Stalf in 2013 and fully licensed in 2016, N26 has won the hearts of more than 7 million customers across 25 countries. Our more than 280,000 5-star-ratings in the Apple and Google Play stores speak for themselves. And, this year we ranked #1 in Forbes’ list of the world’s best banks. For their survey, Forbes asked 43,000 people in 28 countries which bank is the world’s best and N26 came out on top! But why exactly is N26 the bank the world loves to use?

Everything in one app—N26 is more than a bank  

Are you a smart shopper who’s always on the lookout for amazing deals? A freelancer travelling the world just with a backpack and your laptop? Or a student living with flatmates who’s looking for a better way to manage your shared expenses? No matter how you live or what you do—with N26 you’ll find a bank account that fits your lifestyle. 

Instant payments with MoneyBeam

Bank transfers usually take a day or two to go through. Need it to happen faster? Use MoneyBeam to send instant payments! This feature allows you to send, receive and request money from your N26 contacts in just a few seconds—at no extra cost.

Withdraw and deposit cash with CASH26

Need cash or want to deposit money into your N26 account? With CASH26 you can do so at over 11,900 partner stores in Germany, like REWE, dm and Penny. Just create a barcode in your N26 app and present it to the cashier.

On top of that, you get up to 3 fee-free ATM withdrawals per month with our free N26 Standard bank account. Love to travel? With N26 Metal you’ll benefit from unlimited free cash withdrawals around the globe.

Reach your savings goals with N26 Spaces

With our premium bank accounts—N26 Smart, N26 You and N26 Metal—you get access to 10 Spaces sub-accounts that sit alongside your main N26 account. Whether you’re paying back your study grant, setting money aside for taxes, or saving up to buy a car, N26 Spaces make it simple to save and manage money in a dedicated sub-account for all your personal and business goals.

Simply drag and drop money from your main account to your space or use Rules for automated transactions. You can now add unique IBANs to your Spaces and send and receive bank transfers directly from a space making it easy to pay bills and set up standing orders.

Do you have bills or shared saving goals with friends, family or business partners? With N26 Shared Spaces you can invite up to 10 N26 customers to a shared space and manage your finances together. 

Stay flexible—with N26 Credit and N26 Installments

Sometimes you can’t wait any longer to pursue a dream and N26 Credit can help you turn it into reality. It’s simple—just request a loan of up to €25,000 directly in your N26 app. 

For even more flexibility, we’ve recently launched N26 Installments. Just choose an eligible past purchase to split into installment loans—the amount will be instantly transferred back into your account so you can spend it on what you need.

Keep track of your spending—with N26 Insights and push notifications

Going over budget can happen to anyone. With N26 Insights, you can track your spending at a glance and stay on top of your finances. This handy feature automatically categorizes your spending so you know exactly where your money goes every month and where you could cut back. With N26, you also receive a push notification for every transaction and can even set a daily spending limit to make sure you stay on budget

Partner offers and exclusive deals

N26 partners with world-class brands to offer you a wide selection of ever-changing deals. From discounts at Adidas and to extra storage space for your Dropbox—with N26 Perks you’ll benefit from exclusive offers that upgrade your lifestyle. 

Your money at N26

With all these benefits and innovative features, there’s no doubt why N26 was voted the world’s best bank by Forbes. With N26, you’re always in control of your finances. Enjoy instant payments, smart savings features, budgeting tools, flexible financing, and much more—directly in your N26 app. We’re always introducing clever new features, like Split the Bill, which makes sharing a restaurant bill with your friends simple or automatic Round-Ups to help you put money aside as you spend. With N26 Insurance, you can protect what’s near and dear to you—get on-demand coverage for your smartphone and other electronic devices directly in the app. And because we make your security our priority, we offer a number of security features such as biometric authentication, Mastercard 3D Secure and in-app security settings for both your Mastercard and account.

Opening your bank account only takes 8 minutes—no need to bother with paperwork. And when you do decide to switch bank accounts, simply use our super quick, free-of-charge account switching service. Compare plans now and discover which N26 bank account is best for you!

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