Wondering which bank to switch to? We’ve got the answer!

Wondering which bank account you should switch to once you close your Comdirect account? Discover N26—offering a free, flexible, 100% mobile bank account with no minimum deposit.

These days, more and more German banks are introducing minimum deposit requirements—the latest being Commerzbank. Starting in May, its subsidiary Comdirect will start charging customers if their accounts don’t meet certain conditions. For many mobile-banking lovers, this means they’ll have to either cancel their Comdirect bank account or pay a monthly fee if they don’t meet the requirements. Now, Comdirect customers who’ve decided to close their accounts are asking themselves one important question: which bank should I switch to?

Not only is N26 a 100% mobile bank that requires no minimum balance, it also operates with a full European banking license—meaning N26 is a real bank. Discover effortless banking in real-time from the minute you set up your account. Opening your N26 bank account only takes 8 minutes via the N26 app or our web app—no paperwork involved. Read on to learn why N26 is the best mobile bank for you.

A free mobile bank account with no minimum deposit

At N26, you’re in full control of your account balance—there is absolutely no minimum deposit required. We’ll only charge custodial fees for aggregate balances of over €50,000—anything under that is completely free. Want to avoid fees altogether? Simply open a free EasyFlex Savings account to put money aside right in-app. We won’t charge any custodial fees at all on your EasyFlex balance, no matter how large.

Pay anywhere with your digital Mastercard

Say goodbye to rummaging through your purse for spare change and pay directly with your smartphone via your virtual N26 Mastercard. Our debit Mastercards are accepted worldwide, so online and in-store purchases are quick, effortless, and safe. Start using your card right after opening your bank account. You don’t even need to wait for a physical card to arrive—simply connect your card to your virtual wallet in your N26 app.

Prefer an eye-catching, transparent N26 Mastercard? Order it with just a few taps in your N26 app for a one-off delivery fee of €10.

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✓ 100% mobile ✓ No hidden fees ✓ No paperwork ✓ Free virtual Mastercard ✓ Free ATM withdrawals
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Free ATM withdrawals

With our free N26 Standard account, you’ll get 3 free cash withdrawals per month from any ATM. Want more? As a premium customer, you can withdraw cash up to 8 times per month! On top of that, your N26 app includes a handy ATM locator to guide you to the nearest ATM. 

Plus, thanks to our CASH 26 feature, you can easily deposit and withdraw cash for free while shopping. Create a barcode with your N26 app in seconds and present it at checkout at over 12,000 partner stores across Germanyincluding dm, Rossmann, Rewe, and Penny.

What to do after cancelling your Comdirect account

Convinced that it’s time to switch banks? Open your N26 bank account directly from your smartphone or via the N26 web app. All you’ll need is 8 minutes, a good internet connection, and a valid ID. And because you’ll receive your digital Mastercard right after registering, you can use your free N26 bank account straight away—no stressful paperwork or waiting for passwords to arrive. That’s 100% digital banking!

Stressed about transferring direct debits, standing orders, and incoming payments to your new account? Have no fear—we’ve partnered up with finleap Connect to save you the hassle. Simply open your N26 account, visit the bank account switching service website, enter your bank details, and select what transfers you want carried over. It takes just 10 minutes and is completely free of charge! Afterwards, you can cancel your Comdirect account without having to worry about a thing.

Full financial flexibility—overdraft, savings accounts, and more

With N26, you can choose from several financial products in-app that make your everyday life even easier. Here are just a few products that we offer:

  • Our EasyFlex instant access savings account gives you full control of your savings at all times—making withdrawals and deposits quick and easy. Want to get even higher interest rates? Try our digital N26 savings account.

  • Want to know if you’re eligible for overdraft of up to €10,000? Find out in your N26 app in seconds!

  • Last but not least, you can even request a quote on a loan in your N26 app within minutes.

With the N26 app, you can check and manage your N26 products and features anytime. Benefit from 100% transparency and full control over your finances.

Customer Support, 24/7

Have a question about your free N26 bank account? Our N26 Customer Support team is ready to help. Contact us directly via the chat option in your N26 app. We speak English, German, French, Italian, and Spanishand our chatbot answers simple questions around the clock. For more answers to Frequently Asked Questions, simply visit our N26 Support Center.

So, if you’re planning to switch banks and are looking for a free bank account with no minimum deposit, you now know what to do! Click here to open your N26 bank account today!

Watch this video to learn how to open an N26 current account.

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