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Save Your Local Schnitzel—help the employees of the restaurants you love

Missing those laid-back evenings with friends at your favorite restaurant? Us too—that’s why N26 came up with an idea to support restaurant staff during these difficult times. Read on to learn more!

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We’re all longing for the days of enjoying delicious meals with friends at our favorite local spot. We’ve all faced challenges during lockdown, but those working in the restaurant industry have had it particularly hard. Countless food-service employees have been put on short-time work (Kurzarbeit), and with restaurants switching to take-away and delivery, one stream of income has dropped substantially—tips. That’s why we launched the “Save your local Schnitzel” initiative. 

At N26, our goal is to make it easier to manage your finances. Yet, as an international, fast-growing company, we’re also aware of our social responsibility, and our capacity to champion for causes that we care about. One of these was finding a way to help restaurant workers partially compensate for lost income from tips, and that’s where “Save Your Local Schnitzel” comes in. Here, you’ll learn how you can support local restaurants and their employees with virtual tips.

What is “Save Your Local Schnitzel”?

Pizza, kebap, schnitzel—whatever your favorite dish is, there’s a whole staff behind its production. With our initiative, you can transfer virtual tips directly to a beloved restaurant to support its staff. Simply choose your favorite restaurant on the trusted platform (a service of gAG) and safely transfer the desired amount to them in seconds. 

Your transfer will go directly to the restaurant owner, who has committed to dividing it among their employees. Plus, you can download a digital plaque to share on social media and encourage others to send a tip too. Don’t forget to tag the restaurant to spread the word about the initiative among your friends—the staff will surely appreciate your support.

You can find all participating restaurants here!

How can I support the employees of local restaurants?

Just follow these simple steps to support the staff of your favorite restaurant with virtual tips:

  1. Find your favorite restaurant on
  2. Transfer your chosen amount to the restaurant.
  3. Download your supporter plaque and share it on social media. Don’t forget to tag the restaurant to show even more support!

It’s that easy. Remember, any tips are welcome, no matter how big or small!

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What is “Save Your Local Schnitzel”?

“Save Your Local Schnitzel” is an N26-driven initiative, enabling customers to support restaurant staff. The aim is to partly replace cash tips with virtual tips from customers.

How does “Save Your Local Schnitzel” work?

For this initiative we joined forces with the Berlin-based not-profit gAG, creators of Restaurant owners who are interested in participating can register at, create a page for their restaurant, and receive digital tips for their employees.

Do I have to be an N26 customer to join the initiative?

No. Patrons all across Germany are invited to support the initiative, regardless of where they bank.

How can I support a local restaurant?

Visit the “Save Your Local Schnitzel” website and find your favorite restaurant. Transfer the desired amount to the restaurant via You will then receive a plaque that you can share on social media. Make sure to tag the restaurant and any staff you know to help spread the word.

How can I find out which restaurants are participating?

Visit this website to see a full list of participating restaurants. Want to support a restaurant that isn't yet listed? Let the owner or employees know about the initiative. Click here for more information on how restaurants can participate and benefit from this meaningful initiative.

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