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Support your employees with virtual tips

Many restaurant employees have been placed on short-time work and find themselves without an important source of income—tips. You can support them.

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The lockdown restrictions of the past year have forced all of us to make sacrifices, both large and small. The restaurant industry has been hit especially hard, with numerous employees placed on short-time work (Kurzarbeit). While many restaurants have switched to delivery and take-away, they have nevertheless seen a massive drop in customers—and in tips.

As an international bank, we’re aware of our social responsibility and growing reach, and want to use it to make a positive impact. To do this, we started a variety of initiatives last year, including a large donation campaign with Doctors Without Borders and a collaboration with Mastercard and the World Food Program. Now, we want to do our part to support those in the restaurant industry. That’s why we started the “Save Your Local Schnitzel” initiative to help you support your employees. With the “Save Your Local Schnitzel” initiative kicking off all over Germany, existing and future customers can support your business, and help compensate for lost tips.

Pizza, schnitzel, or sushi—no matter what you offer, you can register your restaurant in just a few steps and help your staff receive virtual tips during these difficult times. Read on to learn how it works.

How does “Save Your Local Schnitzel” work?

First thing’s first—you don’t have to be a customer with N26 to participate in “Save Your Local Schnitzel”. To bring this initiative to life, we partnered up with the non-profit organization gAG who run the donation platform A German not-profit, boasts over 13 years of experience in the donation sector with

When you register with, you’ll be able to select your restaurant’s signature dish to be displayed on your promotional materials. Don’t serve schnitzel? No worries—you can select kebap, pizza, burger, salad, or anything else from the list, catering the material to your unique business. Is your main dish pizza? Choose the support package “Save your local pizza”!

Upon registration, you’ll receive posters and flyers to print and display in your restaurant, on your website, or on social media to spread the word about the initiative. It’s worth noting that in order to join the initiative and use the posters and flyers, you have to agree to the Terms and Conditions when registering at Once the posters are displayed, customers and passers-by can directly transfer their desired tip amount to you via You can then divide the money you collected among your staff. 

Plus, all customers who transfer a virtual tip will get a digital plaque. They can share it on social media and even tag your restaurant to help spread the word about this initiative. 

How do I register my restaurant?

Simply follow these instructions to sign up for the “Save Your Local Schnitzel” initiative:

  1. Visit and set up a campaign for your restaurant and your employees—it’s free and takes just a few minutes.
  2. Upon registration, you can download your support package, including templates for flyers and posters featuring your restaurant’s signature dish. Please read the Terms and Conditions before taking part.
  3. Once customers start sending virtual tips, they will be transferred directly to your restaurant’s bank account. Divide them among your staff to support them during these difficult times.

Lastly, take a minute to spread the word. Share this blog article with your friends from the restaurant industry, so that they can learn about this initiative as well.

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What is the “Save Your Local Schnitzel” initiative?

N26 launched the “Save Your Local Schnitzel” initiative to support restaurant employees. Our aim is to partly compensate for lost tips with bank transfers from restaurant patrons.

How does “Save Your Local Schnitzel” work?

For this initiative, we are partnering with the non-profit organization gAG in Berlin, Germany. Restaurant owners interested in participating can register at to receive virtual tips for their employees.

How can I register my restaurant?

Go to and set up a free campaign for your employees in just a few steps. Tips will then be transferred directly to your restaurant’s bank account. Divide the tips among your staff to support them during these difficult times.

Do I have to be an N26 customer to take part?

No, you don’t have to be an N26 customer. This initiative is open to all restaurants in Germany that have registered on

Do I have to pay taxes on the tips I receive?

From a legal perspective, transfers via are considered gifts and not tax-deductible donations. Please consult with your tax advisor before registering—there are a few factors that determine whether you’ll have to pay taxes or not, including the total amount of collected tips, place of residence, place of business, and the timeframe, so a consultation with a tax consultant can help you avoid or anticipate extra costs. Please note that N26 is not legally permitted to advise you on this matter, and the information detailed here does not constitute any form of legal or tax advice. The information here is non-binding, unverified information to simply raise your awareness and encourage you to consult with an expert on this matter.

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